Bikur Ha-Tizmoret
aka The Band's Visit
This is an Israeli movie which was a real treat 2 watch
its genre is comedy but it doesn’t try too hard to make u laugh
its simplicity is what makes this movie sooo entertaining
all d Israeli actors have given a flawless performance
The story is about an Egyptian police force band who r in d wrong town by mistake and have 2 spend a night in d town where there’s no hotel..
The awkwardness of d characters is what brings comedy in this movie
The movie may seem a little slow and dull sometime but its short duration(90mins) is what makes up 4 it and doesn’t drag d movie
The best part is that most of d conversation in this movie is in English in spite of being an Israeli movie..
My rating 8/10(d end did not convince me)

a must watch.

ITS A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD  (1963) Hollywood

Adventure / Comedy

Without A Single Movie After Almost 1 Week, I Watched This
Wow! Great Movie, Really Americans Are Mad/Nuts
Its A Marvelous Adventurous Comedy Ever Made
Story Is About Finding Hidden Treasure
I Don't Know How The 2 & Half An Hour Went Seeing This Flick
Excellent Entertainment, A Must Watch Movie
This Flick Remade In 2001 As "Rat Race" With Some Changes
I Haven't Seen Remade One, I'll Try That Too
Later Days I Gonna See It Again For Sure

An Aged Thief Gives Some Clue About His Hidden Treasure To A Group Of Peoples Before He Died In An Car Accident.
Later Begins A Wild Chase To Find The Treasure.

The Boy in the striped pyjamas-
Simply wow! This is one of the best movies i have seen. The movie has many emotions in it and the climax scene will move you to tears. And about acting the child actors were simply brilliant...others also done their part pretty well...I would rate it 4.5/5....don't miss this one...

VERTIGE  (2009) French
Adventure / Thriller
Its A 80 Minutes Adventurous Thriller French Movie
Story Is About A Group Of Friends & Theirs Adventures
Performance By Each Character Was Realistic Except
The Negative Character Was Very Poor, Took Movie Down
1st 40 Mins Are Very Good Than Rest Of The Flick
Worth Wasting Time With It For A While
A Group Of Young Friends Decides To Take Mountain Claiming Adventure Which Has Been Closed.
Later the Adventure Turns into a Thriller.

CLOUDY with a chance of MEAT BALLS   (2009) Hollywood

Animation(3D) / Comedy

This Movie Is Good And First I Remembered 90's Doordarshan Advertisement
That Is Sunflower Oil Ad, Having Big Dosa, Big Medu Vada etc etc
Well, This One Is Kids Book Adopted One & Fantastically Made
A Must Watch Flick For Kids Who Loves Junk Foods
Story Is About A Amateur Inventor Who Lives In Small Island
Animation Is Very Smooth And Colorful ...

Flint Lockwood Is An Amateur Inventor Who Always Makes Disaster With His Invention.
One Day He Launches Food Preparing Device, Makes Whole City In Trouble.

A Perfect Getaway  (2009) Hollywood

Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Movie Is Good, Just A Entertainment For A While ..
In Some Scenes, Wasted Time With Unwanted Conversations
Movie Starts With Slow Pace Later Last 30 Minutes Picks Up Its Speed
Story Is About 2 Couples And Theirs Adventurous Trip To Hawaii ...
Dialogues From This Flick Have To Listen Carefully To Understand Its Twist
Mmm Okay, Watchable At Once ...

In Hawaii Island A Couple Of Murderer Targets Honeymooners ...
Cliff And Cydney Are An Young Couple Celebrates Their Honeymoon In Same Island.
Later On Another Couple Joins With Them ...


life of a serial killer who kills other killers.. sounds intresting ehhhhh!! Every lover of dark comedy should watch it..



started watching it for claire bennet/hayden.. but realized tht Ali larter/ stephany is way better..

A gud show.. with its ups and downs.. Mysterious charcters and tricky situations plus a good storyline wid some effective acting.. makes it heroes..

Sylar is cool... zachary quinto wud b a acting giant soon..



Will start with a 10/10.. not coz d stories of 7 days of jack were impressive... but coz they kept d intensity alive n going.. keiffer sutherland has done his role for life.. We will remember him as jack forever..

as i said... 10/10


being an ex physics student... i love this show.. characters r good... specially d mad or stupid genius.. in all a good show... worth watching..



I think mankind should regret 3 events that occurred.. Big bang that created all d mess in first place.. Invention of nuclear bomb... and the channel deciding to end this show..

if u haven’t seen d 2 seasons of s show... u missing a treat!! Don’t bother reading further... DOWNLOAD IT ASAP!!

10/10 (wish it relives..!!)


Simon baker/ Patrick jane.. Well my friends... the guy will b known as a Psychic from now on!! A show that gives u deep insight of human emotions... tells u how weak we r in midst of a storm..



Ohhh u cnt lie to him... he is lying... believe me u can’t.. Adventures of a deception expert.. Who catches lies when people spit them.. Tim Roth’s body language is cool..



The shows good as they bring mysteries and crime scenes that r not hard to digest and if u look carefully... u cn b d detective as well.. well use your imagination..



What started convincingly is testing my patience now.. a good concept with some ordinary acting.. well... lets see how it ends..



being a law student i was bound to love this show.. but i strongly recommend it if u like mind games n psycho thrillers.. Patty Hughes rocks!! Half her brain n i would have displaced God.. so to speak

STAN HELSING  (2009) hollywood

Comedy / Horror

I Don't Know Why The Film Makers Wasting Money For This Kind of Movie
Even "Superhero Movie" Is Far Better Than This ...
Story Is About 2 Couples Who Are Headed To A Halloween Party
Main Characters And Villains Are Not Up2tha Mark
Don't Waste Yours Precious Time With This
Only Worth Is You'll Get Couple Of Little Smiles

Stan Helsing Is An Video Store Keeper.
One Day He Headed To A Halloween Party With His 3 Other Friends.
On The Way They Get Chased By Some Hollywood Monsters ...

Bandslam  (2009) Hollywood

Drama / Musical / Romance

Awesome, Really A Meaningful Movie
Story Is About A Teenager And His Life From Loser To A Fame
Lots Of Movie Made About High School Music Bands
And This One Is Something New With Little Comedy, Romance & Emotional
Ending Is Like Almost "Spectacular" Not Exactly But Different
Musical Movie Lover May Like This Flick ...
Really Really Worth To Watch !!

Will Burton Meets Two Girls Called Charlotte And Sa5m In His New School ...
Will Burton & Sa5m Are Both Same Charactered
After Split From School Band, Charlotte Plan To Make Another Band With The Help Of Will Burton

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