The Lizzie McGuire Movie Review :

' The Lizzie McGuire Show ' :


This is a very popular series that made its run in the famous Disney Channel. The series welcomes audience of all ages to watch and enjoy the humorous way of life of the lead character namely > Lizzie McGuire, played by Hilary Duff. Hilary Duff had her first movie career with the the movie The Casper. Eventually, with greater efforts, she ended up doing the Lizzie McGuire show for almost three years ( 2001 - 2004 ). The Lizzie McGuire show consists of Lizzie (the lead character),Gordo and Amanda as Lizzie's friends, Kate as Lizzie's enemy and parents and an annoying younger brother. The character of Lizzie is that, she leads the normal school life of not being popular, having social responsibilities, etc. She is a girl who is not strong in her words and do not have the courage to speak her mind out. This gives others an impression of picking on her. Besides that, Lizzie is totally Clumsy and her clumsiness adds as the main source of humour for the series. Another thing that adds to the humour is the animated form of Lizzie, which demonstrates the expressions and feelings of the actual Lizzie as Lizzie can not express her feelings outside. The animated character, plays the role of Lizzie's conscious.

Hence, Gordo and Amanda are her best friends who support her and even take the blames for the mistakes done by Lizzie, as she is not brave to accept it. There are also a normal set of family members consisting of mother who worries about her and advices all the time and father who has his own set of problems and is horrible in giving advices to his daughter and at the last but the least, a brother whose main goal in life is to embarrass her sister. The so called enemy Kate, mentioned above is none other than the coolest girl in school for whom all the boys are crazy about. Her life is spent mostly by embarrassing Lizzie with her outrageous lifestyle in school.


' The Lizzie McGuire Movie ' :


Introduction :

This movie as the name indicates, is based on the series ' The Lizzie McGuire Show '. The movie exposes the life of Lizzie into a positive approach instead of making her look clumsy as in the television series. This movie shows us Lizzie with more positive attitude and unbelieveable strength and that was a good thing to see after a long 3 years of negative energy in the The Lizzie McGuire Show. The movie was Directed by Jim Fall and Produced by Stan Rogow. The movie was released in the year 2003 and was distributed by none other than the Walt Disney Pictures. The movie was such a hit that the resulted Revenue was Three times more than the expected revenue worldwide.

Story Summary :

The story takes us all the way to Rome, where the students are taken to Rome with the supervision of a strict teacher called Ms. UngerMeye, on an educational trip which is very important for College when they join after returning back. Lizzie and Gordo promise to each other to find adventure in Rome as this would be the perfect time to get over the miserable life they lead back home. On their trip, it just happens that Lizzie gets recognised by an handsome pop singer, named Paulo in Rome as he mistakes Lizzie for Izabella who is also a pop singer. This arises because both Lizzie and Isabella look alike. The starrer, Hilary Duff plays the role of both the characters, Lizzie and Isabella and has given her best to differentiate the characteristics. Paulo eventually drags Lizzie into pretending to be Izabella stating reasons that Izabella has left Rome out of anger on Paulo and that there is a Live show being conducted in which both Paulo and Izabella are supposed to sing a Duet. He also states that Izabella lip sings and asks Lizzies help to be present for the show. Lizzie who has fallen for Paulo for his kindness, accepts to it.

While Lizzie sneaks out with Paulo for preparing for the activities for the show, Gordo tries to cover Lizzie's absence from the scenes where Lizzie attends to Ms. Ungermeyer who believes Lizzie to be resting in The Hotel room out of fever. Eventually, Gordo lies that he is the one sneeking out to protect Lizzie's truth and he gets sent to the airport for returning back to USA. Meanwhile, Lizzie's brother pulls an act that he misses his sister and wants to see her, whose actual intensions are to take embarrassing pictures of Lizzie and black mail her later. So the family consisting of Father, Mother and the brother make their way to Rome.

At the airport, Gordo sees Isabella and explains to her what was happening. Gordo realises that Paulo was lying to Lizzie and both Gordo and Isabella go to the show and explains everything to Lizzie. Lizzie and Isabella reveal the truth about Paulo in front of the audiance and they end the scene with a performance with a son called > Hey Now which was actually performed by the starrer, Hilary Duff.. Hence unlike the series, Lizzie here is more brave and not vulnerable. She also performs in front of the audience in spite of fear, so movie expresses Lizzie's role in a positive manner with the moral anyone with the right attitude can succeed in the end.

Review and Rating :

The movie can be watched by people of all ages. There is no violent or adult content. This movie would add a favour towards the young teens of 13 years of age due to the Romance factor which would otherwise be available in the Lizzie McGuire show. This movie is more romance and comparitively less comedy as in televesion series the reason being as mentioned above,  the movie tries to reduce the clumsiness of the character which contributed to the main source of comedy. Hence it is a good family entertainment, with romance, comedy, drama or as they term it as > Adventurous.
Hence my rating : Comedy = 7 / 10, Romance = 6 / 10, Story = 7 / 10. Comaprison with the original TV series = 80 % justice given. If the comedy and Romance was improved, it would have made 100 % justice to the famous TV show.

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