Seven Pounds
I thought it was a very complicated and slow movie. I am yet to understand a few incidents. Will Smith acted quite well though and pulled alone.
6 on 10.

I Stand Alone
Very ordinary. I found nothing great. Probably the subtitles missed some good punchline, but I would not recommend it.
4 on 10.

Fight Club
"First Rule: Do Not Talk About Fight Club"

fight club is awesome man... oops!!!!

"Second Rule: Do Not Talk About Fight Club"


Lord Of War
i'm so happy 2day coz ive watched 2 awesome movies... Lord Of War & Fight Club!!

Well, Lord Of War is wonderful. The movie is based on true events ie arms dealing and all that. Nicholas Cage has done a neat job. Cinematography is top-notching.

I'm not so good in typing a lengthy review!! I'm trying!!

anyways... its a must watch!!!!!


city of ember
surprisingly good!! i dont know how these hollywood ppl make such muvies completly out of their imagination. its fantastic.
The story goes like..... a city of ember is built underground beneath the earth surface protecting mankind. n then the muvi is abt how 2 kids escapes that city after 200 years.

its a good one.

i rate 9/10

Body of Lies
well... after watching lotts of muvies based on middle-east countrie, this one is no different. it boasts of superb starcast though, leonardo, russel crowe. However the plot is very similar. leonardo repeats his 'ground soldier' kinda act tat he has done in all his recent muvies. The muvi is still watchable and for ppl wu r new to such plots wuld actually love it.

i rate 6.5/10.

hmmm... evrytime i watch a ganster muvi of 1950s of America, i get lost in tat world. its so intimidating. the effects lasts long after the muvi ends. i dnt wanna say anythign abt the muvi i thnk it will reveal the plot. i liked it n wuld watch it again. it feels getting like one more dose of it.

i rate 9/10

Days of Heaven
Terrance Malick is an artist. The movie is a work of art. …fabulous cinematography, enchanting score, amazing performances … definitely a visual feast....

9/10 in my book

Legends of the Fall

I love this film. If anyone hasn't seen it, it's a must watchable film ! I loved the background scrore in this film. It's done by James Horner, he did background score for Titanic as well. And there are quite few beautiful scenes in this film as well !

My rating 7.8/10

In Bruges
The movie is about two hitmen who are asked to visit the city of Bruges after one of the kills.

One can't place this movie in any particular genre as it spans across many like drama, comedy, tragedy etc. It has great dialogues and performances and background score and storyline is very different which hooks u till the end. Most of the cast is from Harry Potter 4 which does a great job.

I would rate it 9.5/10

Barah Anna
I quite liked this movie. Not much realistic, but some brilliant performance by two veterans. The lady actors almost spoiled the movie though by poor acting.

6.5 on 10.


A tough n meaty piece of work by director Darren Aronofsky. One of the most powerful n shocking films of all time. The film's score n editing will haunt you for long. With its unflinching dissection of addiction, Requiem For A Dream is a psychologically disturbing, visually captivating depiction of lost hope. The last half hour of the film is among the most harrowing of any film ever made. A very important film for all, specially youth, in my opinion.
Rating - 9/10.


Based on a true story, SCHINDLER'S LIST is Steven Spielberg's epic drama of World War II Holocaust survivors and the man who unexpectedly came to be their savior. Great performances, classic cinematography n a haunting score, this glorious film by Spielberg is wondrously evocative, visually stunning, and emotionally stirring. This is Steven Spielberg's real masterpiece. One of the most honoured films of all time... must for any cinema lover.
Rating - 9.5/10.


You won't EVER get to see a more shocking, thrilling, exciting, surprising n powerful beginning of a film than this one. The first 25 minutes of this film simply takes you to World War II.. LIVE. But, In between the first 25 minutes n last 30 minutes, the film never picks up itself but loses... Exclude the Ohama beach battle n u got a very very mediocre film. Steven Spielberg starts great but after tht, he lets the film go. Still, its watchable... the opening is so strong tht u simply dont feel like leaving ur seats n the end makes it a satisfying film anyway.
Rating - 7/10


One of the most unique films of the late 20th century, FIGHT CLUB is a pitch-black comedy of striking intensity. Outstanding performances by Norton and Pitt are supported by a razor-sharp script and an arsenal of stunning visual effects that include computer animation and sleight-of-hand editing. Solid acting, amazing direction, and elaborate production design make Fight Club a wild ride. One of my all time fav films now... this is, The Greatest Kickass Movie Ever, period. Still, this film aint for all.. you'll either love it immensely OR hate it very much coz you didnt get it.
Rating - 10/10.


Terrific but Shocking too. Great but controversial too. Violent but emotional too. This film deals with a really bold subject and in the end, leaves the ending to the audience to interpret. One of Asia's best films. Zinda is its shameless copy... a complete rip-off, including the dialogues, though the relevation of the secret is different in both these films. Had the relevation of the secret in Zinda was same as Oldboy, it might've got banned. The last scene of Oldboy is perhaps, one of the most heart-wrenching scene in movie history, in my opinion.
Rating - 7/10.


One of the best contemporary films of the decade, City of God is a marvel. A shocking and disturbing, but always compelling look at life in the slums of Rio de Janiero. Director Fernando Meirelles combines visual flashiness with dark history in telling the story of three decades of unrest in underground Rio de Janiero. Technically flawless, the Brazilian film uses a rapid-cutting style to flash back and forth in time. A highly recommended film to watch, but not recommended for the over-sensitive or easily distressed. One of my favourite foreign language films.
Rating - 8.5/10.


Director Ridley Scott's breakthough film, an immensely successful blend of horror & science fiction, is a classic in both genres & spawned a host of sequels & imitators. A triumph of art direction, set design, & special effects, ALIEN gains much of its impact from the contrast between the bleak, antiseptic beauty of the space vessel's interior & the primordial horror of the alien, a brilliantly original fusion of insect, man & machine. What makes Alien unique is its slow building suspense tht once, burst out, there is no looking back again. This is one among the top 3 films of horror genre in my list.
Rating - 8.5/10.


While Alien was a marvel of slow-building, atmospheric tension, Aliens (sequel of Alien) packs a much more visceral punch and features a typically strong performance from the cast. Considered by many to be the best of the series, ALIENS is a fast-paced, high-intensity thrill ride that set a new standard for action films. It is everything that a sequel should be. This is James Cameron's first and very successful effort with horror films. Two of my top 3 horror films are Alien & Aliens and this one is better than the original. Alien was pure horror, Aliens adds action to it, resulting in WAR.
Rating - 8.5/10.


Hailed by critics n audiences worldwide as the star-studded motion picture that redefined cinema in the 20th century. A work of blazing originality by Quentin Tarantino. A work that changed the face of independent cinema forever, making it a legitimate player in the Hollywood mainstream, Pulp Fiction is a wildly entertaining n exhilarating motion picture adventure that both thrills n amuses. It is still a landmark in its genre. Great performance by John Travolta, even better by Samual L.Jackson n short but sizzling n completely electrifying by Uma Thurman. The biggest plus point of this film is its screenplay... greatest of the 90s .
Rating - 9/10


Director Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) brings his sweeping cinematic vision to King Kong, the iconic story of the gigantic ape captured in the wild and brought to civilization where he meets his tragic fate. Everything about director Peter Jackson's King Kong update is bigger than the 1933 original. That's too say, the film is longer, more technically elaborate &, by today's standards, more exciting than the original film. King Kong is one of the most pulse-pounding & heart-stirring romantic adventure of the decade. The only complain... wish the dinosaurs & other creatures were more realistic.
Rating - 8.5/10.


Ramgopal Varma’s hard hitting film on the Bombay Underworld. This movie was made with a view to hit the viewer right between the eyes & it succeeds admirably. This movie is a classic from scene one to the climax. The direction, action, screenplay, editing, camerawork & lastly the superb acting by the entire cast was mindblowing. All in all you should not miss this movie if you consider yourself a cinema buff. India's best gangster film.
Rating - 8/10.


After 4 average sequels(Rocky II,III,IV,V) lowered the class of the original masterpiece Rocky, finally comes one film tht can match the original... the final chapter of the iconic character, Rocky Balboa. 1st film was made to convey something... the next 4 parts were purely for commercial success, but this one was made with the same mindset of the 70s Rocky... to convey a message. Easily, the best in the series after the original but most realistic as well when it comes to Boxing... this movie is another very important film, IMO. 2 great sequencing, specially the 1 b/w Rocky n his son... is very very inspiring. Sylvester Stallone is back to give Rocky... one last shot n he did it... He hits the jackpot.
''It ain't over 'til it's Over''
Rating - 9/10

Star Trek is going to be released in India on June 12.. But i cudnt make waiting myself for dat as i jst saw it through torrent..
M nt a star trek fan nd din know nytn about it....... but dis mov engages u throughout .. til d end.... all characters comes up wid an absolute resolution... Eric Bana is brilliant ...visuals are stunning... space ship battles are awesome.. overall its above average for me..... Mov is going on 82nd rank on IMDb bt i thnk its gonna fall...
My rating 7.7 for engaging script, some good performances, breath taking action sequences and after all J. J. Abrams!


Based on true story,have some touchy moments n so many F words ................

Its not a must watch movie.but stilll a nice movie. Can watch.wont feel lose intrest in full movie.

in bruges
god knows wat the muvi was abt. i slept in btwn. then woke up n finally at the end the muvi hd sm interstng scenes



i would rate it 9/10

This movie is a stunning visual delight. It uses stop motion animation to complete perfection and i was in awe of the visuals of this movie. I think it is based on a horror novel or something ( I'm not so sure about that). It has got a tremendous voice over cast with dakota fanning leading the pack. Infact the voice over of dakota fanning is one of the high points of this movie along with its rich gothic kinda visuals and a fascinating ( very sinister) story. This movie reminds me of those Tim burton movies like "The nightmare before christmas" and "corpse bride". So if u like Tim Burton Movies then i would say..... give this movie a definite go...u wouldn't be disappointed at all.

Psycho [1960]

Undoubtedly the most popular movie created by the genius Hitchcock, Psycho is a masterpiece from all aspects of film making, be it the plot, screenplay, cinematography, sound and above all direction. It is a very intelligent thriller and keeps the viewer engaged and enthralled
until the last frame.

The plot revolves around a highway motel and it's caretaker and owner Norman Bates, his sick and somewhat spooky mother, a woman who steals large amount of money from her employer to improve her love life with her boyfriend and who comes to stay at this Bates motel .
The proceedings that follow are extremely interesting and enthralls the viewer.
We get to see perhaps one of the best murder scenes ever shot in cinematic history, the famous shower murder of the lady who stays in the motel .
The protagonist of the movie Norman Bates character has been very well written and performed by the actor concerned as well. Sometimes we as an audience feel pity and sorry for him and after knowing his mental condition, this feeling increases even more.

In short, Psycho is one of the milestones of this particular thriller genre. Many thriller movies either based on this or influenced by this have come in many large numbers, but the charm and the greatness of this particular movie will remain in the minds of cinema lovers for eternity.
Rating : 9/10

American History X [1998]
To start off, this was an extremely controversial movie when it was released.
Maybe because of the racist, anti-black, anti-immigration, anti-Jewish, anti-Asian, anti-
Hispanic etc etc remarks made continuously in the movie. This movie is actually divided into two parts and has a non-linear style of narration. The two parts being the flashback and the current scenario. The director has interestingly given a different look to both the parts with the help of colors. The flashback is depicted by black and white frames while the current part is depicted by normal color.

The movie contains violence, sometimes very gory violence that may turn your eyes off the screen. It contains some statements which you may not agree with. But as a movie, it is a complete experience. The transition of the protagonist from a racial, neo-nazi skinhead to a caring, understanding guy who understands that it is not the color that determines a person, but his nature is put very underminingly by the director. His urge to stop his brother from going his way and spoil his life is depicted wonderfully. The part of the story in jail where Norton understands that he is wrong and has a radical transformation was done without preaching and high melodrama which is the case with many other movies.

On the acting front, Edward Norton is anyways one of my favorite actors and in this movie all his acting prowess is put to the test and without any surprise he delivers .
All the other actors especially Edward Furlong fit the bill perfectly .
In short Controversial but a must watch

Rating : 8.5/10


A young girl discovers her father has an amazing talent to bring characters out of their books and must try to stop a freed villain from destroying them all, with the help of her father, her aunt, and a storybook's hero.

An adventure of a father and his young daughter, searching for a long lost book that will help reunite a missing, close relative, this fantasy takes a darker side whenever we hear Mo 'Silvertongue' Folchart reading out aloud from books. His ability to rise to life, to export, to release figures out of the page and into the real world is only relevant when the darker side of his stories appear to reek havoc and destruction. Join in the fantasy and revel at the marvel of Books in this adventure of adventures' that brings the best stories throughout the decades to life that transcends beyond imagine.


Yet another romantic comedy, with many not so hilarious moments... however Renee's perfomance and light humorous moments laced throughout the film makes it very watchable. Hugh Grant comes as his usual womanizer role(God i hate him)...thankfully he ends up like a villain....


Rating : 3.5 / 5

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