RAJINIKANTH ,who is well known as superstar around worldwide and director SHANKAR who is well known for his creative thinking are joined and working for movie ENDHIRAN-THE ROBO.

All might know that  the  movie SIVAJI  which was released in 2007 in  shankar and superstar combination became the blockbuster movie of the year for whole indian cinema and it made new records in indian cinema.  It also got national award for the special effects used in the movie.and it also become the most searched movie  in GOOGLE.This movie is searched about six lakhs times in the year 2007 itself.   hard to believe isn't it?? But its true and the next element is ENDIRAN movie already breaks the record of SIVAJI for number of searches in GOOGLE before it is released itself..This is the best example how all are awaited for the movie ENDHIRAN

As speaking about this ENDHIRAN movie ,AISWARYA RAI  casted as heroin and music was composed by A.R.RAHMAN ,who won oscar this year and the most thrilling issue is about the technical aspect of this film.The graphics and visual effects is shared by three companies.. One of the company did the graphics  effects for the NARNIA and other company already worked for movie KING KONG and other company worked already for film I-ROBO.so you can understand the ENDHIRAN MOVIE is going to deserve the national award for special effects for the year  2010 .

You all can may eager to know the story of the movie.The story is RAJINIKANTH is the scientist in robotics who made the robot with some special features such as  ability to think by itself and even ability to love too.and that robot is also our SUPERSTAR only.He made this robot to do good for the people easily.But some people did mistake in motherboard and the robot is started to kill people.as the robot has ability to think by itself ,it couldn't controlled by anyone..but it fell in love with AISWARYA RAI who was the lover of scientist RAJINIKANTH.By using this key point,the scientist rajini will destroy robot.

This film is taking in a budget of 150 crores which is going to become a most expensive movie in tamil cinema.The shooting is almost 95% completed. WAIT TILL APRIL TO CATCH ENDHIRAN IN THEATRES


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