When i thought of film industry, i remembered the following terms and i have sorted in alphabetical order.

Please add in comments if i have missed any

A - Actor, Actress, Art director, Assistant director, Animation, Action,Angle, Audience

B - Bollywood,Background music, Box-office, Blockbuster, Banner

C - Cameraman, Camerawoman, Cinematography, Choreographer, Comedy, Climax, Censor board, Costume designer,

Child artist,Cinema, Cut, Cut-out, Call sheet, Cast, Character, Chemistry,Clapboard,Close-up, Composer,Crane shot,

Co-actor, Co-actress, Caravan

D - Director, Distributor, Dubbing, Dialogue writer, Documentary, Dual role

E - Editor, Executive producer, Extra(s)

F - Film, Fight, Flop, Filmography,Flashback,Focus

G - Guest role, Graphics, Glammar

H - Hero, Heroine, Hollywood, Horror

I - Introduction, In door

K - Kollywood

L - Lighting, Lyrics writer, Location, Long-shot,Lead role, Lens

M - Music director, Make up, Movie,Mixing

O - Out door,Overacting, Overexposed

P - Producer, Production manager, Pooja, Poster, Pack up,Picture, Pre-production,Preview,Print,

Production designer,Projector,Promo

R - Role,Rating,Release,Romance

S - Set, Singer, Stunt director, Song, Supporting role, Sound effects, Start camera, Scene, Super hit,

Story,Screenplay,Screening,Screen Test,Script,Second unit,Sequence,Shoot,Shot,Slow-motion,Sound track,

Special effects,Star,Still,Studio,Subtitle, Suspense,Sentiment

T - Title, Tollywood,Trailer,Thriller,Take,Theatre,Theme music,Twist

V - Villain,Violence,Visual effects

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