Gothika (2003)

Started off in a superb way in fact in the best possible manner. Each and every scene was shoot with a lot of case.

But, after an hour into the movie it became boring & predictable. The stupid climax made the movie a bad movie watching experience for me.

My Rating:6/10.

Watch the first half and switch off your computer !

Beverly Hills Cop III

Great fun yet again..Murhpy never fails to of the series..rcomended

Jamon Jamon

FISHHH!!! Penelope Cruz nude in this one!! its almost lieka soft porn...i dnt make head or tails of this movie coz i dnt get the rite subs...but man o man ...the way things are shown!!! phew--------no ratings-------

World's greatest dad ...

Robin William'r great performance ..... liked the movie a lot ....... d fusion of comedy and drama is awesome ! .......


The Sixth Sence 1999

Woww what a master piece....i stunned after watching the ending

climax scene could've been better

any how mine was


Victory (1981) Hollywood

Movie Is Good, Starts With Slow Pace
Last 30 Minutes Of Soccer Game Picks Up Its Speed...
And The Ending Is Unexpected Greatly Done ...
Some Funny Things From Sylvester Stallone Makes Little Laugh
The Plot Is Same Like "The Great Escape" But Here Soccer Is Included
Watching One Time Is Not Bad ...

Story Is About Escape Drama Of Prisoners, Those Are From Different Country Who Are Captured In WWII By German.


Wow! a real good horror/thriller film after a long time...this movie is on the lines of 'wrong turn'..a good brutal horror movie with moderate gore...very good performances...tho the english dubbing was just ok....nice thrills and some really nice action... if i may call so "a mountain thriller"!! This one is dfntly for keeps...a good collection for any horror fan..Highly recomended!

Julie & Julia (2009) Hollywood
A Nice And Meaningful Movie I Have Seen So Far On This Year ...
After "Ratatouille", This Is The Movie Made About Food or Cooking or Recipes Whatever
I Liked It Coz I Love To Cook, Cooking Is A Kinda Art You Know ...
I Have Seen only 2 Film Of Amy Adams, "Enchanted" & "Sunshine Cleaning"
But This One Is The Best Compared To Those Two ...
And The Sad Thing Is Whole Recipes Are French ...
After This Movie, Definitely You Feel To Have Special Food!

Julie Powell Cooks All The 524 Recipes In 365 Days From Julia Child's First Book ...
And She Writes Her Experience And Output Of Food In Her Blog.

Volcano (1997)

Pretty average..nuthn amazing abt this...volcano erupt sin the city and how they handle it...tommy lee jones was wasnt good in this...pretty expressionless....saw Dantes peak which was far far better...u can see this or skip it...


Anurag Kashyap's unrealized film..

i dnt know y this film is not released yet!!??
fentastic performance by Kay Kay..
Anurag's first debut film & he proves him here..
what a film
Must watch i m seeding this forever...

directed by M. Night Shyamalan starring bruce willis and samuel.l.jackson!!!!from the team of Sixth Sense!!!well can be termed as a okay film and cant be compared with sixth sense to any stretch of imagination!!!!a very good climax which made the film look better!!!otherwise a very ordinary film!!!!with some decent acting from lead starrers!!!!!!!5.5/10

Touch of evil(1958)

A touch of genius. Oscar Welles instead of just resting over his technical laurels lets his fine ensemble that includes Charles Heston and himself loose in this highly engrossing thriller. while Welles plays a huge, grumpy old American cop held in high regards in his circles because of his knack at solving crimes and his al so famous "intuition", Heston plays a highly influential Mexican narcotics official who likes to play by the laws. A murder case at the border sets off a confrontation between the two magnates where Heston is clearly unsatisfied at the way Welles handled the case. Welles having his ego hurt on being confronted resorts to "evil" ways which sets in motion a highly engulfing game of cat & mouse. While the technical finesse associated with welles' works be it the camerawork(The intro scene is amazing) or the usage of lighting to create an engrossing atmosphere persists, what really works for the movie is the captivating script penned down by welles himself with very well drawn characters portrayed magnificently by the actors. Many consider 'touch of evil' to be the last "classic" noir film ever made.. not to be missed... 9.5/10



When everybody was going gaga over Greg Motolla's Superbad bak in'07 I didn't really understand what the fuss was about, at best i thought it was an average teen comedy which neither went completely bold nor had a scintilla of sentimentality attached to it. The movie adventureland has been promoted as a movie from the directors of 'superbad',thats outright unfitting cos this movie is so different and much better than superbad. Adventureland is a gentle "coming of age" drama with a heart. A dramedy about a guy working at the adventureland durin d summer break to make some money for his grad school, what first starts off as a mundane job for him slowly grows up on him, earns him new relationships n changes his perspectives on life. Kudos to Motolla for gettin it right this time... 7.5/10

a couple of john cussack rom/comedies from d 80's

Say anything(1989)
An honest romantic about a beautiful and ambitious girl falling for a care-free 'for the moment'guy(John Cussack) and her adoring but less than a perfect father. Cussack is charming in his role and john mahoney has done a good job, rest of the ensemble does a decent job. A refreshing change from all the low grade sex teen comedies. one of
the top teen romantic comedies of the 80's.. 7.5/10

The sure thing(1985)
A high school student(Cussack) embarks on a 1000 mile ride to California, where his best friend has set him up with 'the sure thing', one thing he hadn't accounted for was him falling for the girl he shared his ride with.. a fun ride... 7/10


The Exorcist (1973)

Let me make clear that if u r expecting an unforgattable horror ride with some cranky, thrilling moments and wanna see some scary, dark faces.. let it go then! The movie has been tagged 'SCARIEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME' by many viewers and critics. But it doesnt mean that u r gonna get scared and scream throughout the whole movie. It isnt that type flick. Young viewers (like me!) may find it somewht boring as this movie is very slow and not so scary but what impressed me about the movie is its developing story and characters and last 30 mins. of the movie. I should say that its a classic. Dont ignore it as saying that 'its boring' or 'its funny' . Those viewers havent understand that the goal of the movie was to create frightening environment , not some spooky, horror scenes joint together as a movie. And the main point is that it was made in 1973.. according to me thats a big achievement.

'It impresses me, cuz theres lot more than you see about this movie'


Angels Heart..

One tym watch movie..difficult to understand..
also hv Robert Di Niro as special apperance..


Rope (1948)

When it comes to Hitchcock , there won't be left anything more to say..The story take place in one room and it gives movie a 'play' feel..
The direction is, as would be expected, smart and - naturally - innovative here. Overall "Rope" is well worth seeing - it's not quite a failed experiment, nor a successful one. It's a "curio" which is worth appreciating for realizing why it was never really emulated since.


Green Mile

Its jst an instant classic.. In this movie everything is beautiful and warming...the journey within, the characters, situations , happenings , jst everything! Its a perfect interpretation of Stephen King's novel by Frank Darabont. He once again deliveres a masterpiece like 'Shawshank Redemption'. and there is nothing more to say about Tom Hanks it is one of his best performances and Micheal Duncan ..he proves his acting intelligence here, surely.. It jst couldn't have been better!

' Of mY favOriteS undOubtebly!'


Run Lola Run
a story with a different subject depending on the future!!!!!with three different situations!!!!!!not a great movie but worth a watch for its different plot!!!!!
i would rate

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