Dirty Deeds
One cool movie abt college girls,parties n of course "the dirty deeds" ....its about a colge guy doin 10 of the most disgusting and difiicult deeds for the homecoming blah blah..and how he completed this task in 12 hours...lots of fun n some good tasks to se..very enjoyable and a good one to keep!.

Kevin Bacon at his best in this truly inspirational movie...being the assistant basketball coach, he is sent to find fresh talent in AFRICA...enjoyed it to the hilt....

JUST LIKE HEAVEN  (2005) Hollywood
Its A Normal Entertainment, Almost Parallel To "The Invisible'
I Can All Say, If You Seen One of This Before,
Then Another One Will Make You Little Bore!
Ther Is Not Much Funny Or Comedy, But Also You Can Enjoy
Romance Is Very Least But Little Touchy, Its More Dramatic Type
Nothing Ther To Say More About This Flick,
Okay, Worth A Watch Specially Fantasy Lovers

Story Is About A Dr.Elizabeth Who Got A Car Accident And Lives Like Ghost With Her Body In Coma,
And She Takes Help From Her Apartment's New Guy David To Get Normal.

Flight 666

A documentary charting legendary metal band Iron Maiden's journey across 23 cities arond the world on their "Somewhere Back In Time" tour. Must watch for any Maiden fan.

A very good movie with a very good message!Very funny!..I laughed out loud several times!..and emotional too..this one cannot be missed! My rating-4/5

The Shield Episoded 1 n 2
I love Cop drama/action movies or series...and Shield delivers a very realitic hard-hitting view about whats happening in a police precinct....good acting by the cast and very good continuity...the continuity and the genuiness is is the ups of this show...its not like ur usual over the top cop action series...u can expect the unexpected here...and the camera work is a little differnt here to give a very "busy" feel...by busy i mean to say a all in one frame...u may or may not like..iam certainly beginning to like it...for now...

Road Trip  (2000) Hollywood
Teen Comedy! Don't Guess Anything Seeing Cover
Ok I Agree Its Little Adultie But Don't Expect Much
Story Is About 4 College Students Takes Adventurous Road Trip To Texas.
In The End It Tells Meaningful Thought About Friendship
Worth A Watch If You Are Looking For Good Teen Comedy
The Character Kyle, Snake & Rat, Those Are Really Funny

Josh And Tiffany Were Friends Since From Childhood Later Turned To Lovers.
For College, Both Gets Admission In Different University. But Thers Relationship Continued Through Phone & Mail.
One Day Something Wrong'll Happens From Josh Side. He Tries To Hide It.

The Final Destination (2009)

good time pass entertaining flick! this movie is not as good as the others in the series but it still delivers the basics u expect from a final destination movie..thats Gory shocking deaths, more gory deaths and more gory deaths! lolz....the suspense factor was bad in this one..and they cudnt build up a decent platform to really make the audience expect the unexpected...its passable really..plus..not much work n thot have gone in this movie...pasrt 1 was probably the best....though u can surely give this one a watch.
7/10 (7 for the deaths)

Death Sentence
Watched it on Star Movies yesternight
Vengeance and Vendetta...........
good movie for the simple cast.........

12 Angry Men
..a movie that should be in everyone's Top 10 list! If You think you have watch finest movies, you gotta watch this!
...a powerful screenplay, striking dialogues, resolute and memorable characters, brilliant acting, different camera angles.. It's just a masterpiece! Though it's from 1957 , it can still kick you out today!

Ali G in Da house
a full time comedy movie just like BORAT with the same team in it!!!!even though its not as funny as borat!!!!worth a watch once!!!
i would rate,

..well if you think you are going to experience scariest moments, I bet you will be disappointed!
'[.REC]' is only special in its concept.. shaky camera direction wasnt new to me as I have seen 2 movies already with that kinda direction.
First 15 mins.- Inro to d plot..boring!
First 30 mins in apartment - Thrilling and Mysterious but not engaging!
Once you discover d mysterious plot you will get bored with too much of blood, gore, annoying screams, extremely shaky camera and all dat crap, after 30 mins.. there is no story at all! Director just tries to scare us with all these gore but It gets very usual that it gets boring instead of engaging.
..if you really get scared and entertained with overload of screams and blood and no storyline, then this movie is for you.. otherwise avoid it, watch 'Cloverfield' instead , at least that movie was worth a experience..

El Orphanato(The Orphanage)
Genre :Horror
One of the most pragmatic films ever scripted on the theory of the supernatural..........no one can challenge its aunthenticity as the champion flagbearer of no gore yet bonechilling horror.

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