Movie Review - RADIO!

Pre-Script - If you want to pawn me for doing Radio's review then please avoid..

Have you had a failed relationship? You love some1, you be together, but still your partner has an upper hand, you don't get what you deserve, and in the end, your partner leaves from the relationship, and you stand as if lighting struck you! Then somehow your life moves on, but you are still attached to those days of your relationship! but still you move on, meet others, and then 1 day meet some1 who loves you, like you loved your partner! This new 1 does everything for you, to keep you happy! Suddenly you realize he/she loves you, but you still love your ex! Your see you are with this new person, so obviously they come back to you, and there you are, totally confused now!

This my friend is Radio! I wrote down the story because only then I could tell you, it’s worth watching 1ce! still there’s lot to it! The following are the reasons why you shouldn’t miss this movie -

1) its 1st half is perfectly paced! Give the movie 10 mins, and you will be completely into it! The movie unfolds itself in chapters, which is very cool.. Its 2nd half is also fine.. Overall the movie does fine, and doesn’t bore you at all..

2) Music - the movie is out an out musically! and the Music is superb! There are no full songs, songs are dedicated to scenes! Its amazingly and perfectly filmed and every song is hummable! Especially Jaaneman...

3) Sehnaz - MTV Vj Sehnaz, wow! She has done fab in the movie! She fits into her role implacably; I am really bowled over her acting and looks! Guys, Radio is a must watch for her! She has done outstanding work! Simply outstanding! I would give her acting 5/5.. Radio was such a nice experience mainly because of her!

4) Sonal - She was a TV actress, but she is made for the silver screen! She looks beautiful and fits perfectly as a High Society girl.. She has also done a very very nice job! Hats off to both the actresses, they really have done fantastic work!

5) Himesh - He does well.. Especially in scenes in Sonal, as a guy who loves but doesn’t get loved back but still loves. His acting was okay, I reckon if you replace him with some1 else, you would get someone, who would really overact, in a way Himesh does justice to his role!

Apart from this, Paresh Rawal does well too.. The movie isn’t that long also.. The script is fine too. The plus point of the movie is Sehnaz and Snehal! They act superb, looks amazing, and songs are nice!

So Radio, hmmmm, I liked it! Bcoz I love this kinds of movie, light hearten romantic. I went in with a blank head, without thinking its himesh's movie and all... and hence it took me by a surprise and here I am reviewing it and giving it 3/5! Watch it 1ce.. You won’t regret!

Final rating - 3/5.. A thumbs Up.

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