The Final Destination (2009)

Good time pass entertaining flick! this movie is not as good as the others in the series but it still delivers the basics u expect from a final destination movie..that’s Gory shocking deaths, more gory deaths and more gory deaths! lolz....the suspense factor was bad in this one..and they can’t build up a decent platform to really make the audience expect the unexpected...its passable much work and  thought have gone in this movie...part 1 was probably the best....though u can surely give this one a watch.
7/10 (7 for the deaths)

Love Aaj Kal

I didn’t like this movie much went I watched it the first time in theatre........but now , i watched the DVD rip again nd i koved nd refreshing movie......i don’t know y people said that Deepika didn’t do well in this movie.....she did a gr8 job.....especially in emotional scenes......nd Saif was as usually gr8....Rishi Kapoor too....Worth watching...7.5/10

The Happening (2008) Hollywood

After Last Night Of 2009's Long Party, This Is Ma First Movie Of I've Seen In 20Ten
I Am Disappointed With It, I Was Expected Something Like "Knowing" & "2012"
But Its The Movie With The Tasteless Ending Like "The Day the Earth Stood Still"
Story Is About "Global Warning" And The It Took 44 Days To Shoot Whole Movie!!!!
The Adventure, Suspense And Acting Was Good But Story Is The Backdrop Of The Movie
All I Can Say, Risk It Or Save You Precious Time To Spend With GF/Friends


Unknown Toxic From Atmosphere Makes Peoples To Kill Themselves From North-East Region Of US.
So An High School Teacher Elliot And His Girlfriend Alma With Little Girl Jess Run To Survive.

The Shield 1-4

Okay I’m total hooked into it! this really delivers a very hard hitting realistic view..and makes it more believable...the show's main attraction is the abusive, no-nonsense son of aa b**** cop Vic Mackey! there are no "heroes" in this show...just real people wd good positive n negative values!
if u are into the kind of of drama..this is for u...mind u this is not your high-speed cop chasing bad guys kind of show!

jaane bhi do yaro


best movie I had ever seen..
This movie is the best piece of cinema in indian film industry..
nasuruddin shah, om puri, pankaj kapur, satish shah, vidhu vinod chopra, sudhir mishra all acted very well...
I m recommending this movie for all..
kundan shah did a fantastic job...

must watch for all............


Satisfying Sci-fi movie. It is on u how much u like this movie. Bruce Willis rocks as always. Radha Mitchell and Ving Rhymes were good in their respective characters.
My Rating

Oy! [Telugu]

Beautiful....the director said that this story was inspired by "Love Story" [1970].....i didn’t watch it....but what i feel is , this movie's story is much closer to "A Walk To Remember"....anyhow....this was a beautiful movie and definitely worth a watch....7.5/10

Rachel Getting Married (2008) Hollywood

A Simple Boring Family Drama! This Movie Is Not For Everyone
Action Or Fast Pace Lovers Stay Away!
Really Really Patience Is The Key To Watch Till End
I Am Not Saying Its Worth A Watch!
As A Movie Lover, I Say Its Okay Type About Family Problems
Some Who Like Drama May Like It!

Beverly hills’ ninja

this is d movie everyone should !!!!
Complete entertainer..... Complete comedy


Phobia 2

It’s disappointing went compared to the fabulous first part.....
in this there r 5 stories.....first one is very bad......
the next three r average.....but don stop the movie then......
do watch the whole movie, because the last part is awesome, which has the cast of the "middle man" form 1st part....its completely humorous.....and great twists in the end...
First 4 stories-3/10
Last one-9/10

Layer Cake
its screenplay s inspired from guy Ritchie films like lock stock and two smoking barrels and snatch!!!!!Nonetheless a fine film!!!!!!
I would rate,


Just seen "KNOWING". It was a good Sci Fi thriller but I wasn't expecting such a bad supernatural sort of climax. I really thought that Nicholas cage might've found some way out of this but he couldn't.
Must give 7/10 and all the 3 (10-7) marks got cut due to last 20 minutes climax.


i just saw duplicity,....,and must Admit,.. , its one of the most confusing movie i have seen and in the end the lead actors themselves r fooled,..., which is unsatisfying,....

Good Will Hunting
great movie!!!!!Robin Williams part s rocking!!!!!!!!superb film!!!!but romantic films r little bit dreggy!!!!!Nonetheless a fantastic film!!!!!
I would rate,

Constant Gardener

A Political Thriller viewed through lens of Love Story! Its an unusual experience.. I definitely liked Editing and Cinematography.. Ralph Fines and Rachel Weiss , both have done memorable acting.

Best thing about d movie is its different style of story telling.. Definately worth a watch.


Watched Euro Trip

I didn't understand y critics rated it so low it was better then American Pie to me it was a good youth ful movie "Scotty doesn’t know " song rocks and Cooper was almost like stifler but in a cool way all and all a good movie worth watching


Mulholland Dr.
..Whoa! I was told this movie would be confusing, but it just pushed me back.. I am thrilled! An unusual direction to an unusual screenplay.. It's all about experiencing it..

..Wow.. Just Plain Wow!


The Illusionist
A fine film!!!!!!!little bit dreggy at times!!!!!but turns good in the climax which is excellent!!!!!a very good movie!!!!!
I would rate,

The Game

Was interesting and stylish, but not up to the mark, seems a little dragged towards the end and I didn’t like the ending. Since the concept was good I expected much more with David Fincher at the helm of the things.
Would go with 7/10/

About a Boy
Hugh Grant, Nicholas Houlton were superb in this film!!!!one of the finest made comedy films without too much emotion!!!!!according to me one of the best family entertainers i have ever seen!!!!!
i would rate,

Mystic River

What can I say!! Well this is a kind of movie which gives us a reason for why we like to watch the movies. The performances are top notch... a great drama which makes u lose the track of time and its completely flawless in every respect. Kudos to Clint Eastwood for making such a masterpiece.
A perfect 10 on 10.


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