(watched 28th time..)
As you all know this movie is a masterpiece, a phenomenon, a legend! But I can't stop myself to share my viewes and reasons that why it is on 1st rank on my Top Movies List!

# Script

After big sucess of 'Batman Begins' , it was very difficut to surpass d hype of it but Nolan Bros. don't just satisfy us.. I fact they just amaze us.. makes speechless with such flawless, engaging and timeless classic script! Every character is interpretated so well, especially 'Joker'.. Script gets woven more and more complex from starting to ending, thats d magic of it!

# Performances

Casting is just too perfect. Every1 done his best job. Gary Oldman , Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine.. but especially Lt. Heath Ledger who deliveres not only his career's best job but also making 'Joker' unforgattable character and greatest villain of all time! You can't see a glimpse of Heath in Joker.. even if you want to! The speech, the talking style, psychotic laugh.. all these things makes him more and more chaotic and resolute! But we should not forget Christian Bale who perfectly plays lives of 'Caped Crusader' and 'Bruce Wayne'. Aaron Eckhart and Maggie Gylenhall both does adorable job!

# Music and Cinematography

Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard..these two maestroes perfectly creates d sound of Gotham and Chaos in it! Cinematography gives darker effect which this movie really needed! These both creates d mood and environment for d story!

# Direction

Christopher Nolan is pure genius! He creates this movie in such a way that you can see the true meaning of character of 'Batman'.. How much pain he has to bear for being vigilante..He potrayes Batman like never before. , he puts CGI effects to less and less priority.. all his attention is to d core of the story.

..It's just not ordinary superhero movie, its fight between good and evil.. spreads true msg of humanity..!


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