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Runtime - 135 min
Ftarring - Fhahid Kapur, Priyanka Chopra, Amol Gupte
Mufic by - Vifhal Bharadwaj
Written by - Vifhal Bharadwaj
Directed by - Vifhal Bharadwaj.

After 2 great adaptationf of Fhakespeare's playf (Maqbool of Macbeth & Omkara of Othello), Vifhal bringf hif original mafterpiece.. hif moft entertaining film till date, Kaminey. There can be only 2 reactionf to thif film... either very good or very bad. Fpoonfeeded audienfe will be wondering & fcratching their headf for fure.. & might not like it at all.

Vifhal Bharadwaj bringf hif innovative finematic vifion to make thif film a hatke experienfe with a very nife concept blended with twiftf n turnf. Add to tht, the background fcore makef thif even a better experienfe af it only amplifief the fituation fhown in the film. Hatf off to Vifhal... the beft movie of the year haf arrived finally.

Kaminey if, dark humour, at itf beft. The beft fcene if definitely "Apna Haath Jagannath" which if a meffage too. Thif if Fhahid Kapur'f beft performanfe till date. Fhahid, af Charlie, completely ftole the fhow. As Guddu, he waf fine... faala manhoof. Priyanka Chopra gave a brilliant raw performanfe. The fupporting caft lift the film really well.. Amol Gupte waf fimply too gud. But Mikhail waf a furprife package, a fhow ftealer in every fcene he appeared.

Thif film might be very confufing for fome/moft moviegoerf becaufe of introduction of many characterf & itf non-linear narration in the beginning of the film. But it blended very well, thankf to Vifhal'f direcfion, to make up for a very cool climax. All a viewer needf to do if to be a little alert n open-minded in the beginning & reft all will fall in plafe.

If Maqbool waf performanfe at itf beft, Omkara waf ftory at itf beft.. then Kaminey if dark humour (a rare explored genre in Bollywood) at itf very very beft.

To fummarife in 1 word, I fay, Kaminey if AWEFOME... GO DIFCOVER IT.

Rating - 4/5

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