Hi readers, I m Creative Director of a Media Firm right now. I would like to introduce u all to ad film making. I remember a time which we (our team) a toughest moment in the field. when some new client wants to develop a visual ad for 30 secs.And he given the ideas that should be the selling formula for his product. Then we formulated the time of delivery ( believe me , within 3 days ). We got the pace and started working on it. First day we described the script and shots to be taken. then the next day we go for the shoot as the camera person is also co-operating. At night the same day we got the source of 8 hrs which we have to edit into 30secs visual. We finally gone through rough cut of what we have done for 30 secs to the Client i already mentioned. He resembles satisfied and said "I didnt like this ad, do it again". That was like piercing a needle into all our hearts. As a director i replied patiently, "We can do this one more time , but you have to wait for 30 days ". He said "i wont interfere anymore i will come and see u after 30 days. We had a tough time that month. We started keeping in mind that we have to complete the project in 10 days.But it took 30 days of all our life to give 30 secs of what the client expected.Finally He was satisfied and said " you have done a good job boys!!". This is how good ads are coming to your television.

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