For every guy related to films, there is only one day which is called the dooms day, which comes 52 times in a year, it brings fate and luck with it, some get it in huge number or some just get it and a few are left behind with no luck, this day is called SCREENDAY- the world calls it Friday. Like every screenday is special, so was today. But unfortunately the films that got released are not the ones which would excite me to call up the box office of a near by cinema hall and book the tickets instantly. The poor performance of Bollywood continues even this week. But nonetheless i will enjoy my day by watching a few of my favorite films and will catch up with Saptak Music Festival. Tonight duo Pandit Rajan-Sajan Mishra will sing, i am looking forward to it. Since 9 nights now, i have been attending this phenomenal music festival.
Last night Ustad Sultan khan nearly brought tears in my eyes, then was the fantastic Pandit Vishva Mohan Bhatt who plays Mohan Veena (flat guitar) with a Rajasthani folk group. The best observation was to see good friend Shabir Khan (Ustad Sultan Khan's son) perform on the vocals of his father, he plays Sarangi which touches the chords of the heart. This is called legacy that one leaves and the follower takes it ahead to another level. On other hand we have mediocrity in bollywood where Uday Chopra is still given chances just because he is son of Yash Chopra and Brother of Aditya Chopra.

I hope next screen day brings some good films or else i always have the option of going back to my movie library and watching a classic (which never goes wrong).  Do catch up with some good movie this weekend and watch it with your family members. If you want me to suggest any film, let me know. Bubye,

Live life filmy ishtyle.

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