4th November update

samrat says we will celebrate diwali in a specially way this time. Gunjan says that he told her that he want help from her side from diwali. Sammy says yes but Gunjan says there are so many people here..Sammy says party hai so there must be people i didn’t told you cause if i did you wouldnt come Guru samrat knew this is experiment 2 to make you feel more confident there was not a better way then this to do that. Now you can get interact with these people don’t worry mein hoon na. Gunjan ask what am i supposed to do there is nothing here na rangoli, no dia no pooja. Sammy says there is pooja and calls a girls name. Gunjan says im not talking about her but about laksmi ji ka pooja. Sammy is confused Gunjan says i mean aarti..bhagwan ki aarti and then samrat gets it and says if i knew all this then i wouldnt have asked your help. An dthen that pooja comes(the girl) and sammy says gunjan will learn you rangooli today..and she says ok and goes away then bhenji comes wiht pooja(the other pooja not girl)and sammy says you have to do te pooja after rangooli cause we don’t know how to do it.
Nupur and mayanks mom are laughing and then mayank comes with chai and both stop laughing mayanks mom say i will come you to talk. Mayank ask nupur kya hua. Nupur says kya hua? Mayank says acha nak se chup kyun hogahie? when i was not here you were laughing. Nupur says you are looking nice. Mayank says i know tell something new.....Nupur says tum pehle se kam khadoos lakte ho. Mayank says pata hai you don’t look less then a film heroin.. Nupur say sreally gunjan told same thing..she said i looked like madhuri dixit what do you think who do i look like say a good name. Mayank smiles gets up and says I’m going to see mom

Gunjan says how can i teach this girl how can i talk to her and then she just go to pooja and ask her is she want to help her with rangooli. Pooja says yes sure why not. Another girl says to gunjan wow your dress is soo preatty. Gunjan says shukriya my sister has designed Sammy sees this and smiles...Gunjan and some other girls are making rangooli..some of the girls go to get something and then samy comes and sit next to gunjan and says nice he says if here was a bit more red color then it would look better gunjan says to lagado sammy saya laga doe gunjan says yes he comes closer and says sure?? gunjan gets a bit uncomfortable and says yes sammy comes closer and says laga doe gunjan says yes again and he puts red rang on her nose. Sammy says laga to diya. Sammy says you are great friend you are doing better them my expectations thanks for trusting me and they both smile......

Nupur is drinking tea with her biscuit and put biscuit and chai mayank and his moms look at each other and smile. Nupur sees it and then she says my grandma told if you do this then chai will be better. Mayank says nupur you ahev always a explanation for your harkat..how? Nupur says i was praising you tea! tum kitne karwi bate karo but you didn’t forgot to put cheeni in your tea and they start!!..Mayank moms stop them and says...i know you are beginning a booking match! mayur says CJ says same thing and they all start laughing..mayanks mom says that mayank can cook good too mayanks says thanks mom ..i make dinner on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mayanks mom say and on Thursday and Friday i make the food. Nupur ask friday? Mayank says we go out but if you are forcing you can make it. Nupur says i can’t cook and son and mother get shocked...

G is decorating the house and sammy comes and says chasmish get ready for the real test Gunjan ask asli test? sammy goes. and some other guy comes and ask gunjan of he can help her. Gunjan looks at sammy and want to walk away but sammy says no with his finger. The uy says give me some work too. She gaves him something and says to put it at the door. The guy comes back and ask something else? G says no..the guy walk away and Gunjan says lambe wale bhai.....and he comes back she says can you pleas ebut this table and chairs outside he says ok. Everyone starts helping gunjan and sammy take the same chair and their hands touch and they look at each other...

Nupur and M moms are making rangooli and mayank makes points for his project and mom helps him and they start talking about serial and women place it was about project but m moms and nupur go another way and then nupur says that fashion is changing in morena becaus eof this serial. Mayank says great point we can see opinion from 2 sides bare shaher and small city ka audience. M moms says you 2 have same ideas hoep ke milti hai but it can still become flop. Nupur says no we really enjoy while making project.

Samrat has changed his clothes and comes downstairs and goes to gunjan and says Happy diwali. G says Happy diwali. Sammy turns around and G want to say something. Sammy says if you want to say something then say it. G says how did you knew that i wanted to say something. He says eyes..eyes are just open book he puts gunjans bril a bit down and says im only interested in eyes book..bolo. G says your clothes are looking really weird its diwali today and asli diwali maza hindustani clothes mein hai not in jeans..Sammy says apka hokum sar akho mein.
Mayank ask why are you silent if you knew before what then?? Nuour says then i would give you more ideas first i was following you. Mayanks mom come and says is budhu ke kehne par. Nupur ask budhu? whole college say mayank. M moms says you have an own nazaariya too just show your ideas to people then ook what will happen mayanks showed me your report it was good.

Sammy has changed his clothes and comes

Precap: Everyone is dancing except Gunjan

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