Wwe has arranged a Iron man match for one hour match between John Cena Vs Randy orton.

This match was very dangerous match.

There was no disqualification in this match. Superstar could use chair, Tables, Hammer and use many things.

Cena and Randy are challenger and challenge that they would like to defeat each other.

This match would be Anything goes. This match was for  wwe championship belt.

Before starting this match Randy gave a condition to

Cena. The condition was “If cena would lose this match he will leave the RAW”and Cena accepted.

This match was very interesting. Both fighters were tried hard to defeat each other.

In that match cena has been bleeded in his head. but he fight with randy and defeat

Randy by 4/3.At last Cena Won the match and been wwe champion.

Review:- The match was between Cena Vs Randy and it was amazing match. Cena gave good defense against  Randy .

That match was one of the best fight in WWE History[I’ve ever seen]. That match was about 1 hour.

There were no rules!!both superstar were equal challenger. That match had amazing Fun,

suspense and reality match b’coz in this match Cena was bleeding in his head.

The last five minutes of that match was very interesting and at last 50 second

Cena started his submission and defeat Randy Orton.That match will not be

Telecast on Ten Sports again. but you can see this match by C.D or D.V.D.;)

And you can also watch it on “You Tube”. That match was about 1hour and

you will be get more fun more masti for viewing this match………


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