Rich in many essential nutrients, beetroot is one vegetable which is often overlooked by people. Most of the people do not realize the fact that if taken regularly, beetroot can help you fight various diseases and can improve your overall health. Some of the major health benefits of beetroot are listed below.



For Skin and Hairs

a.    Beta carotene in beetroot stimulates the skin's natural defense against sun damage and photo ageing. Also, removes the dark spots and blemishes from the skin.
b.    As beetroot is rich in iron content, it also gives a pinkish and shiny glow to the skin.
c.    Silicon content in beetroots helps promote stronger, healthier hairs and nails.
d.    Vitamin C in beetroot promotes the formation of collagen which helps in maintaining the elasticity and suppleness of skin.
e.    Vitamin B helps in skin cell renewal and tissue regeneration process.

Beetroot Beauty Tips

i.    Add some beetroot juice in henna and apply on hairs. This will give a beautiful reddish highlight to your hairs. With this you can get rid of using chemicals on your hair to color them.
ii.    Boil some beetroot and use the water to wash the face. Not only this will give a pinkish glow to the face but will also help remove the pimples from the skin.
iii.    Applying a face pack of beetroot juice mixed with some powdered oatmeal, gram flour, honey, wheat germ oil and powdered almonds do wonders on your facial skin.

For Heart

a.    Including some amount of raw beetroot in daily diet or having just a small amount of beetroot juice daily reduces High Blood pressure as beetroot is rich in nitrate. The nitric oxide gas produced by beetroot juice unblocks the veins and arteries, hence, reducing the blood pressure. Make sure you don't end up having a full glass of beetroot juice as excess amount of it results in uncontrollable diarrhea.
b.    As it lowers the blood pressure, it also prevents strokes and heart attacks.
c.    A pigment called Betacyanin is present in beetroot which also gives it the blood red color. This pigment, plus the flavonoids and carotenoids present in beetroot helps prevent choking of arteries by reducing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

For Liver

a.    The compounds, betaine and methionine, found in beetroot help detoxify the liver.
b.    Not only beetroot detoxifies the Liver but also is an effective kidney and bladder cleanser.

Other Health Benefits

a.    Betaine present in beetroot helps increase in the production of serotonin which is a natural mood lifter. So, chewing some fresh beetroot can help cheer up your mood.
b.    Beetroots have high fiber content, so, if you are troubled with problems like constipation, taking beets regularly can give you a relief.
c.    Beetroots are also considered to be body fuel as they are rich in carbohydrates which give instant energy to your body.
d.    Beets also help reduce the body weight.
e.    As beets are rich in nitric oxide, taking beetroot juice improves blood flow to brain. It means it makes sure that your brain tissues function well thereby reducing the chances of dementia and brain tumors.
f.    Studies have shown that because of its anti-oxidant properties, including beetroot in your daily diet can help prevent cancers.
g.    Beetroots are very essential for pregnant and lactating women because of presence of folic acid essential for child’s brain.

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