We should remain fit by eating healthy

The modern day lifestyle has put us under lot of pressure, stress and tiredness because most of us are overworked due to cutthroat competition and certain other obligations. However, we have no choice but to work hard because we have to survive the demands of the present day work culture, to remain in the competition and in the process, we find ourselves exhausted, tired and worn-out. As the tiredness has become part of our life, there is no way but to cope with the situation eating certain foods. To keep healthy and fresh, a well-planned diet and certain food supplements and proper rest and sleep are the only effective ways for a complete rejuvenation.

The main and most common reason for lack of energy in our system is tiredness and to get rid of it after a hectic day’s work is to have a proper rest and sleep well. If we are not well rested and fed well, average 28 times a week,  the fatigue and lack of interest in work takeover us therefore, a well-designed menu and good quality sleep is the only answer to your tiredness and prepare you for the routine activities of the next day. 

Grains and pulses -

Grains with fibers have the capability to keep us away from tiredness, laziness and regain our capacity to work. People using high-fiber grains can easily get rid of stresses, tiredness and worries easily because these fiber rich grains have the special resistance to fight with such problems. Grains are rich in complex carbohydrates, which convert gradually into energy and give us strength to fight with stress and tiredness.


There are certain grains and pulses like Choulai (amaranth), brown rice, buckwheat (kuttu), cracked wheat or Daliya, millet, oatmeal, popcorn, rolled oats, Triticale, Bengal gram, barley, whole grain cornmeal. Wheat with whole wheat bread, whole-wheat crackers, whole-wheat sandwich buns, rolls as you can see wheat is one of the most used grains along with rice allover the world. The other useful foods include pulses, wild rice, kidney bean, mung, golden gram, green gram, black gram, Urad especially in India. Pulses are the main source of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, which contain no cholesterol, fat in small quantity and no sodium whatsoever.

Pulses, which are also very good source of magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc etc those help to keep us in good physical and mental health. Pulses are good source of protein and easy to digest. Grains and pulses make a very good combination of diet therefore generally eaten together.


Curd contains probiotics, which normally help you keep your digestion by controlling bacteria in your system. Let me tell you that disorder of bacteria in our system may misbalance the chronicle fatigue syndrome. Curd is known for its good bacteria and suggested to eat for physical and mental strength and improving the immune system of our body. Curd is very popular food supplement in our country, consumed in different ways. In northern India Lassie is very popular form used in sweet and salted especially in summers. 


Walnut rich with Omega-3 fatty acids, which are helpful for getting rid of tiredness, stresses, and keeps laziness away. Walnuts are very effective especially for reducing the metabolic problems due to high blood pressure, insufficiency of good cholesterol and weight. Walnuts are also helpful in stomach related problems. Walnut is another good health supplement to keep chronic fatigue syndrome and source of antioxidants, good for reducing anti-inflammatory tendencies and prevents risk of cancer. Consumption of walnut is considered beneficial for brain, as it is helpful in keeping brain-cells in good condition, therefore walnut considered a brain food. Walnut is also useful for patients with higher blood sugar, regulating their insulin metabolism. Walnut is very good source of keeping people mentally and physically fit with its antidepressant and immunity development values. 

green tea


Tea is a very good help to keep alert, fresh and stress free because tea contains natural caffeine and amino acids therefore people using tea while feeling tired may feel better. However, the feeling is not permanent also; the excessive use of tea may have some harmful effects on certain people. The use of green tea is considered safe due to its medical benefits. Drinking green tea is not only safe and healthy but also beneficial for heart related diseases as it lowers the risk of heart problems. Green tea is also considered a drink as good as fruit juices and full of antioxidants with qualities to reduce bad cholesterols. Green tea is also associated with reducing the risk of certain cancers. The green tea also a known source of reducing obesity and certainly a drink that keeps fresh and fit.

Pumpkin seeds

It may sound surprising but that is a fact, the pumpkin seeds have high quantity of magnesium that helps fight fatigue and stresses. If a low physical activity makes you tired that is a clear indication of shortage of magnesium as your body needs enough potassium during physical activity therefore a proper content of magnesium is needed to produce enough oxygen requirement of the body. Pumpkin seeds are also source of zinc although the quantity present is not rich enough. Pumpkin seeds also contain manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, protein and iron.



Chili or chilli is full of vitamin c, which is a good antioxidant, contains different minerals like iron, manganese, zinc and potassium known for its ability to keep heart healthy and blood pressure under control. As our body needs vitamin B complex from outer sources and chilli contains a good amount of the same so chilli considered a good source of the same. Chili contains vitamin-C, vitamin B-6, vitamin A, iron, copper and potassium known to give us relief from stresses and help increase our immunity and keeps fatigue away.



With enough water content, watermelon is considered a good source of hydration in our body especially in summers and good for people who work in hot conditions or extra physical work like athletes. Watermelon with its contents of water and glucose is a good diet for athletes, which can keep their muscles from dehydration and cramp free. Watermelon with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, Riboflavin, Vitamin K and carbohydrates is considered a very good health food for stress and fatigue free life.

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