The energy which is derived from the foods we consume determines the health factor of our body and also the activity level throughout our life. Energy gives the power to perform daily activities  and the main source of energy is food. You can add years to your life by making smarter food choices. Consider eating as one of your indoor games and play 3 times a day and make it as pleasant as possible. People who have most successfully lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle does not achieve success by means of starving or by following a crash diet. They got the desired result by means of choosing healthy and nutritious foods. In this article I had listed the top 5 healthy foods that keep us to feel energetic throughout the day without causing any harm to our body.


Egg is the most nutritious protein breakfast. Eggs are considered as a great post workout food because of the high content of protein. It is recommended to eat eggs in the morning to keep us full and active throughout the day. Studies reveal that Eggs contain important nutrients like choline which sharpens our memory power. Egg yolk which is considered as the unhealthy part of the egg is actually a very healthy one if consumed in moderation and it  contains essential nutrients like calcium ,phosphorous and the list goes on. You can eat one whole egg a day without fearing about any consequences of the myth created by egg haters. However, people suffering from any kind of heart problems should consult a physician before consuming eggs on a regular basis.


Yogurt is an excellent antioxidant which increases our immune system and strengthen our bones and also used to eliminate the age related intestinal illness as it provides a good amount of healthy bacteria to the digestive tract which can replenish the intestines.  Another benefit of yoghurt is that it is easily digestible  and it is considered as an excellent replacement for milk. Yoghurt is loaded with vitamins and also has  a significant amount of potassium, iodine and zinc. Yogurt was also used to soothes the stomach and can be applied to skin to make it smoother. It is an excellent source for weight loss as it has low calories and is  easily digestible.


 Oatmeal is an excellent breakfast to have in the morning as it contain a lot of fibres which can make us to feel full for a very long time and helps us to reduce cravings. It is also useful to prevent several diseases and for weight loss enthusiasts oatmeal is an excellent food as it was low in calories and fat and high in good carbohydrates and protien. 


Eating apples everyday can keep your doctors away is a line which clearly demonstrates the use of including apples in your healthy diet. Apples should be a staple part of your diet. Apples have a lot of fibre content which makes us active and due to thre presence of potassium, zinc it is an excellent choice for anyone feeling a little inert. While eating apple it is important to eat the outer peeling as it contains essential nutrients. Apples are easily digested and turned straight into power for our body.


Almonds are high in calories and at the same time have a high content of energy. Eating a cup of almonds a day keep your energy level at peak throughout the day.  Almonds are healthier option for those who needs an energy boost as it has a lot of protiens which keeps us going for a long haul. Omega 3 fatty acids which is available a lot in almonds provides energy to muscles and organs. Almonds is a good source of potasssium and copper which is very important for energy production.

Foods like coffee, soda can give you instantenergy but those are short lived and won't keeps you in an active state for a much longer period. To remain active throughout the day you have to choose products that are high in fibre and good carbohydrates.

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