Hair health to a large extent depends on the overall health of a person. During the ancient period, people had high value for hair. It was not less than any jewel. Healthy hair shows the good health of an individual and wellness. Healthy hair is full of luster. However, today people are facing hair loss which is resulting in thinning of hair. It does not matter whether the hair is long or short or the type of color it is but when it starts to thin out, it irritates most of us. In a day it is normal to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair. However, losing more than the recommended number is said to be a hair fall. Sometimes the follicle which contains hair get destroyed due to some reasons and gets replaced with scar tissue. It is a potential cause for hair fall. Sometimes when the normal cycle in which hair grows and shed gets disrupted, hair fall takes place. Hair loss can occur due to many reasons. In some cases, more than one reason may exist for hair thinning and thus it is regarded as a complicated process.


Here are the main causes of hair thinning-


Overall health

Illness can be related to the mind as well as to the body. Lots of stress and anxiety or depression are possible causes of hair loss. Stress is the main cause of illnesses. It is dangerous not only for mental health but also affect the health of hair. It can stimulate the white blood cells. As a result, they attack the follicles containing hair. If the condition is worsened then soon hair fall turns into baldness which is medically termed as Alopecia. Increased levels of blood pressure can also result in hair fall. 


Low iron levels

Decreased levels of iron in the body which is also referred to as anemia is a cause of hair thinning. Most of the individuals wish to look good and thus they starve themselves in the name of dieting. Instead of eating the right food in the right amount, they decrease the intake of calories to a large extent and as a result, they suffer from nutrient deficiencies. Anemia is a condition in which hemoglobin is produced in a low amount. In this condition, oxygen supply to the organs of the body does take place in the required amount. Consequently, hair follicles also get deprived of adequate oxygen supply which makes them weak and thus hair breaks easily resulting in hair thinning. Moreover, iron is necessary for the production of protein for hair cell. In absence of it, hair strands suffer a lot.


Persistent dandruff

We all suffer from dandruff at some point or the other. It is a common day to day problem. When our scalp gets dry during extremely cold weather, we are likely to see some dead cells on our scalp. However, it gets corrected on its own. Also, a few remedial measures if taken will wipe out dandruff. Dandruff can also result due to oily skin and an imbalance of fatty acid. Stress is another factor that can result in dandruff. When it persists for a longer duration it can result in hair fall.


Water quality

If the quality of water which we use to wash our hair is not good enough, we may be doing more harm to our hair instead of good. Hard water in particular damages our hair. People who travel a lot will experience too much change in water and also suffer from hair fall.


Nutritional deficiencies

Good nutrition is the key to good hair health. If there are deficiencies associated with nutrition, it is very likely that a person will suffer from hair fall. Iron is essential for good hair health. In its deficiency, red blood cells will decrease and result in hair fall. Vitamin A is essential for the scalp to produce sebum. Vitamin B12 offers strength to hair and hair follicles. Biotin makes hair thick. Calcium, magnesium along with Vitamin B12 is required to make bones strong. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 exerts negative effects on RBC’s which are responsible for carrying oxygen to the cells and tissues. In the absence of it, hair fall is common. Thus, all these vitamins and minerals should be supplied to the body in the required amount on a daily basis through a balanced nutritious diet or else through supplements. In case of deficiencies, hair fall is a common thing to take place.



Those individuals who try to lose weight very quickly by following a crash diet are more prone to hair fall than others. It is because a crash diet does more harm to their body rather than good. Those who lose a large amount of weight over a small period of time suffer from hair fall. Sudden loss of weight exerts adverse effects on hair growth. Also, during dieting, individuals cut down many food groups from their daily diet plan. Dieting without proper knowledge can affect hair health and overall health. It is because the food groups that are cut down are necessary for hair growth and when they are not included in the daily diet, negative effects are exerted on hair health.


Illnesses or serious diseases

Certain diseases or long term illness may be a possible cause for hair loss. Also, undergoing treatment of these diseases can also result in hair loss. Cancer is one of them. Not only people experience hair loss during its treatment but also become bald during chemotherapy. Thyroid related disorders also result in hair thinning and scattering. An autoimmune disease by the name of Lupus can make hair brittle. Consequently, hair fall takes place in patches. On the other hand, untreated long term illnesses such as measles, viral fever, and smallpox can also result in hair thinning. 


Excessive stress

Stress is one of the top reasons for hair fall. Excessive stress can increase the Androgens levels which can result in hair thinning. Stress also results in other hair problems such as interfere with food habits, digestive system and bring in dandruff. All these factors, in turn, are associated with hair fall.


Sun exposure

Too much of exposure to sunlight can make hair dry. Thus, people who stay under the direct sunlight for a longer period experience hair thinning if they do not adopt precautionary measures.


Age factor

As we age, our hair ages too. With age, the hair becomes finer. Thus, hair loss due to aging is a common factor. However, even those aged individuals who keep themselves fit physically and mentally enjoy good hair health. Women who are entering menopause or going through the menopausal phase are prone to lots of changes in the body. It is mainly due to hormonal imbalances. Thus, hair loss during and after menopause is again common.


Bad habits related to hair

Individuals who do use lots of hair styling products such as sprays, gels, coloring agents, harsh shampoos for a longer duration suffer from hair fall. Moreover, excessive and prolonged use of curling iron, hair straightener, hair driers and other tools used for hair styling also result in hair fall. These products when used for a longer duration can retard the growth process and also cause damages to the shaft of the hair. Women and sometimes men often part their hair. Parting in the same style for a longer period can also result in hair fall. Those who do not use clean combs or wrong ones also suffer from hair thinning. Apart from all these reasons, another important reason for hair fall is to tie the hair in tight ponytails or in some other style.



Pollution tops the list of causes when it comes to hair fall. Pollution has affected us in many ways whether it comes to deteriorating our physical well being or mental health. When our overall health is depleted, there is no way that our hair enjoys good health. Thus, pollution affects our hair health and results in hair fall. With pollution, dust increases in the air and the dust particles sticks to our scalp and hair and damages them resulting in hair thinning.


Imbalance in hormones

Imbalances caused in hormones can affect an individual in every way. It not only deteriorates overall health but hampers beauty too by causing acne and can also radiate to the hair health causing hair fall. The growth cycle of hair is regulated by hormones itself. There are hormones such as androgens which are not so friendly when it comes to hair health as they can decrease the span of the cycle. There are other hormones such as estrogens which promote hair growth as they increase the span of the hair growth cycle. Increase in androgens in the body due to any cause particularly seen in polycystic ovarian syndrome which is a disorder of endocrine gland can result in hair thinning. Hormonal imbalance tends to affect those individuals more who have a susceptibility to follicle sensitivity.



Hair loss in men is more common than women and the pattern that is mostly seen is baldness. However, hair loss or hair thinning also affects women and can take place at any age. There are many reasons for hair fall. It can range from simple causes such as dandruff, frequent change in water to serious ones such as the underlying illnesses and disorders. Since it is a complicated process, sometimes more than one reason may be present for hair fall.

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