Oil pulling is simple, effective and not so complex medical therapy. It is not harmful at all and completely inexpensive. Do you know how inexpensive it is? All that is required is vegetable oil in the amount of 1 tsp on a daily basis. Which medical treatment can be as inexpensive as oil pulling? Even a B-complex or multivitamin tablet costs more than that. Moreover, it is a highly effective therapy one can ever imagine. Thousands of natural remedies are known to us and all of them date back to thousands of years. Oil pulling is the simplest of all of them. It has been used since ancient times. However, it has gained more popularity in recent years. It imparts thousands of benefits and thus a number of people are adopting it due to its effectiveness and lack of complexities in the therapy. It is the reason that it has successfully won the faith of a number of people belonging to different parts of the world.


More about the therapy

Oil pulling therapy is also known as oil swishing. It is an ancient therapy based on Ayurveda. It is completely cost effective and simple therapy. It involves swishing of oil in the oral cavity. Oil pulling offers oral as well as systemic benefits of health.


Benefits of oil pulling

The best benefit that is obtained by oil pulling is an improvement in oral health. In India, coconut oil has been used for a long time for hair growth and wellness. Have you ever considered using coconut oil for teeth? If not, it is not too late to start using coconut oil to make teeth whiter. It considerably improves dental health. It restores healthy gums and makes them look pink. It also improves the quality of breath. Within a few days of therapy, the user will experience an amazing freshness in the breath. It is worth to give this therapy a shot and bring remarkable improvement in dental health.

Oil pulling not only improves dental health but also takes care of overall health and wellness. It is a practical cure for many illnesses. Do you suffer from any acute or chronic illness? If yes, try oil pulling for a few days and witness the gradual improvement in the state of condition. It is a completely harmless healing therapy where healing takes place biologically. Drugs exert lots of side effects. On the other hand, surgical intervention is too expensive and full of complexities. Oil pulling helps an individual to avoid drugs and surgical therapies.


Which oils to use?

It is not at all necessary to do oil pulling using organic oils. Oils such as sunflower, coconut, sesame, and olive can be used. Coconut oil, however, is considered to be the best among all the oils for oil pulling therapy.


What does oil pulling do?

  • Oil pulling heals the cells and also tissues. It heals organs at a larger level. No drug is necessary to initiate the healing. If oil pulling is practiced regularly, humans on their own can accomplish the healing.
  • It helps to eliminate toxins from the body such as arsenic. 
  • It helps to eliminate toxic matter from the oral cavity. Most important point is that it does not disturb the microflora.
  • It prevents tooth decay because it helps to get rid of germs and inflammation which sticks to the tooth and tooth roots.
  • It takes care of loose teeth and makes them immobile by restoring their health.
  • It takes care of bleeding gums.
  • It whitens the teeth.
  • It brings improvement in weakness syndromes related to general immunity. It is equally effective in psychological as well as physical weaknesses and helps to get rid of diseases born out of them.
  • It can cure various diseases such as headaches, migraines, bronchitis, arthritis, eczema, intestinal diseases, gynecological diseases, stomach ulcers, liver diseases, heart diseases, and neurological diseases.
  • It retards the growth of cancer cells.
  • It slows down aging. 
  • It intensifies metabolism in the body.
  • It improves overall health.


How does oil pulling help in systemic health?

Teeth and roots of teeth extend into the jaws and in the cavities of jaw bones. If dental health deteriorates, tooth and tooth root decays. Microbes enter the cavities of jaw bones. Here, they find the ideal environment and multiply. These cavities are warm, damp and receive very less blood circulation. Thus, microbes flourish in this environment. Dental Foci develop. It produces metabolic products and causes damage to the body. If the immune system of an individual is not strong then the larger lesions are formed. They can be detected by radiograph. These lesions are not only harmful to dental health but also cause various other harmful effects. These lesions do cross-charge immunity and metabolism. They also exert harmful effects on the various organs throughout the body. It is difficult to accept how microbes from the tooth and its root can cause significant damage to the internal organs. But it is true. Each tooth has a link and connectivity to an internal organ. 

When the oil is swished around in the oral cavity during oil pulling technique, there is tissue and mucous membrane perfusion. All the essential nutrients especially minerals and vitamins get absorbed by the tissue and mucous membrane. The oil penetrates the teeth necks as well as gums. It absorbs the harmful toxic wastes and helps to get rid of them from the body. When the body is free of toxins, systemic illnesses start correcting on their own.



Charaka Samhita which is based on Ayurveda has mentioned oil pulling in its text. It is referred to as Kavala Graha or Kavala Gandusha in it. Charaka Samhita has mentioned in its text that oil pulling is able to cure almost 30 different types of systemic illnesses in the body. The severity of diseases can range from headaches to diabetes and from a simple migraine attack to curing asthma attack. Since then till now oil pulling has been accepted by millions of people from all around the world as it has won their confidence and heart at the same time. Earlier it was used as an Ayurveda therapy. Today it has been accepted as self-therapy to bring back and maintain the dental and systemic health. 

Oil pulling is 5,000-10,000 years old. It is considered to be a therapy which is the oldest in health care in the entire world. This therapy took birth in India and spread to China. It even reached Unani and Humoral therapies. Maharishi Sushruta is the father of surgery. Oil pulling is also mentioned in his book Arthashastra. As per the script, it was hugely recommended therapy back then. In Ashtanga Sangraha there is a mention of Roopana Gandoosha which is a unique type of oil pulling. 



On an empty stomach after waking up in the morning, we need to practice this therapy. Take 1 tsp of preferred oil in the mouth. Make sure to not swallow it. It can prove to be toxic if swallowed. Slowly move the oil around in the mouth as if swishing or rinsing. Continue doing it for ten to fifteen minutes. Some describe it as "sip then suck and then pull through teeth" method. In the oral cavity, oil and saliva will combine with each other. As a result, enzymes will get activated. Enzymes, in turn, will help to get rid of toxins from the blood. Slowly oil will change its color to white and become thin in consistency. Make sure that oil has become white. If it is retaining its original color, it means it has to be kept in the mouth for some more time. After ten to fifteen minutes, spit it out from the oral cavity. Wash and rinse the mouth thoroughly with tap water. Fingers can be used for additional cleaning.



  • After spitting out oil in the sink, make sure to clean the sink using antibacterial soap. The spit contains a large number of bacteria and wastes which are harmful as well as toxic. You don’t want them to multiply in your sink. If spittle is magnified and viewed under microscope one could see a large number of bacteria in their initial developmental stage. 
  • Oil pulling can be repeated thrice in a day. Make sure to do it on an empty stomach. Do not drink any fluids, not even water. 
  • Make sure to use one teaspoon of preferred oil. Do not exceed the recommended amount.  
  • This therapy is even recommended for children. They should do oil pulling with a small amount of oil and should not swallow it by any chance. 
  • Do not try to tilt the head in back position as if gargling. This position can result in swallowing of oil. 
  • If soreness is experienced by jaw muscles during the process of swishing, it is because too much pressure is put on them. Make sure to give them a break and use the tongue to move the oil around. 
  • Make sure to do it very naturally. Accomplish it gently and avoid swishing with vigorous movements. After the whole session, relaxation should be experienced and no soreness. 
  • Initially one may find difficulty in swishing. However, with practice, one can master this therapy. If it seems unpleasant at any point it is better to spit out the oil and try again.
  • Instead of rinsing the mouth with tap water, warm salt water can also be used. It helps to heal the inflammation and acts as an antimicrobial agent. The harmful bacteria and toxins which are left can also be removed using it.

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