hi friends,

in this post , m goin to tell abt how to reduce weight using simple technique. when i joined in UG,. i was around 60kgs. i maintaned de same weight till the end. but i gained nearly  10 to 12 kgs after my coll got over. i increased de weight in months time.

so i tried all the possible ways of reducing weight. i used to getup in the morn and go for walkin but tat did now work out as i was not able to get up in early morn due to nice sleep.  so i tried for some different method which m goin to tell u :

Req: Honey, Lemon, Warm Water

1. whn u get up in de morn, u juz boil 100-200ml water., don boil too much, juz make it warm

2. thn take honey in a teaspoon and add it in de water which u boiled

3. after tat add few drops of lemon

4. thn drink it in one GULP

NOTE: this shud be done rite after u brush ur teeth. after 30 mins of  drinkin ths, u can have coffee or boost...

i did like this for 1 month and i reduced 5kgs weight

so frnz, try this and b good....

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