Human being is the only creature using separate salt in food. Salt gives special taste to food. Salt is the combination of Sodium and Chloride. That is indicated as chemical symbol Nacl.


If salt level increases in our body, Kidneys stabilizes the salt level.  In our food, 40% sodium is accepted. If sodium level increases more than 40%, it causes many health problems such as hyper tension, heart problems and kidney problems.


In world, many people does not use even pinch of salt. They live long life than salt using persons. Japanese uses less than 5 gram per day. They live long life.  Apart from our routine food, Fast foods and ready made foods which are kept in bottles and packets are prepared by more amount of salt. That more amount of salt give more duty to kidneys. More amount of salt that stops water in our body. It gives more duty to kidneys. It also increases body weight.


Bad news is South Indians uses 20 gram salt per day. It is 4 times additional than enough salt(5 gram).


Problem caused by more salt:


  • Kidney problems
  • Heart problems
  • Hyper tension
  • Body weight


Even though additional salt is no need for our good health, we add salt for taste. Because naturally vegetables and food plants have their own enough salt.


Benefits of using less amount of salt:


  • Kidneys get enough rest
  • No Hyper tension problem
  • Suitable body weight
  • No irregular thirst
  • No irregular sweat
  • Proper breath


So, Use less Salt. Live happier.

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