Children always require to be given special attention in their day to day activities. It is all the more important to spend time with kids up to 3 years of age. Kids at the age of 3 years and below are mischievous and very sensitive to small changes. This requires them to be totally under the guidance of elders. A small change in their regular routine or environment will definitely affect them.


“Adjustment” is a quality that every human requires to develop with time. Children are always learning to adjust just like adults but it is a bigger learning curve for children when compared to adults. The obvious changes that work against small children are the climatic conditions and food habits. Children have very small and light digestive system. All the above mentioned points make it all the more important to give them special attention during Travel.


When on travel, the focus would be to have fun with kids without any sort of disturbances caused due to change in our kid’s health. Such disturbances could jeopardize the entire trip and upsets the entire trip!


Children are affected due to the many “Changes” that surround them. A few common changes that children are susceptible to are listed below.

1.      Climate Change: Any change in the climate will affect the kid’s health. Most common problems caused due to climatic changes are cough and cold. The change in climate also affects kid’s sensitive skin, resulting in itching and dryness in the skin.

2.      Water Change: Water is one of the most important requirements for nourishment of the human body and is consumed by every one of us. Children could easily get affected with stomach related problems due to change in water especially in places where there is high contamination of water.

3.      Place Change: Children feel more secure in places they are accustomed to Change in place could affect kids mentally making them feel insecure. Children miss there home and daily routine while on travel. It is tough for Kids who cannot to talk to express their feeling when they are facing a problem. It requires special effort from the elders/parents to understand the reasons behind a kid crying.

4.      Schedule Change: Children get used to eating and sleeping schedules that are inculcated over a period of time. The change in these schedules can disturb the child’s sleep and diet. These irregular sleeping and eating patterns may results in child’s unusual cry.


The key to enjoy travelling with kids lies in ensuring that kids are made to feel at home at all times during the travel. Listed below are the “DO’S” and “DON’TS” for Moms to ensure a happy and tension free journey.


  • “DO” carry your kid’s moisturizing cream which is used regularly. “DON’T” try new products as this may do some harm on the kid’s tender skin. 
  • “DO” carry the regular formula, based on the kid’s age in case of infants and toddlers. “DON’T” try new company processed milk in a new place. This could affect the child’s digestive system.
  • “DO” carry Cereals for the child, which the kid eats regularly. “DON’T” try different flavors in journey. Try to carry your kid’s favorite flavors. 
  • “DO” carry feeding bottles if the kid is used to them.  “DON’T” forget to sterilize the feeding bottles. Always sterilize the feeding bottles if the child is used to feeding bottles.
  • “DO” carry at least 3-4 of your kid’s favorite toys to make him feel at home. “DON’T” take toys that could injure your kid.
  • “DO” carry a few snacks like Take wafers or biscuits, which your kid likes to eat in order to counter the unpredictable hunger of your kid. “DON’T” try new food items and never overfeed your kid when on travel.
  • “DO” carry a lot of water during travel. “DON’T” feed your kid with water that is not boiled. This is applicable when travelling towards water scarce locations or locations that have water contamination.
  • “DO” carry clothes based on the climatic conditions at the place of visit.  “DON’T” suffocate your kid with stylish clothes.
  • “DO” boil the sipper used by your kid at least once a day. “DON’T” use sippers that your kid is not used to.
  • “DO” keep a constant watch on your kid. “DON’T” neglect your kid under any circumstance.

During travel, we may not be able to carry all the baggage along with us. A small separate bag dedicated completely to the kid’s requirements is preferable.  Below is a sample checklist of items that can be carried on behalf of your kid when on an outing.  


  1. Two to three diapers.
  2. Two sterilized feeding bottles.
  3. A small pack of wipes.
  4. Sterilized sipper with water.
  5. A pack of biscuits or wafers.
  6. A set of sterilized bowl and spoon.
  7. Powder dispenser with formula powder measured amount of scoops your child would have regularly. The powder dispenser can also be filled with the cerelac or farex powders, as per the kid’s liking.
  8. Few favorite toys of the kid.
  9. Having a small pack of puree is also a good option.

 The importance of planning before travel can make every travel worth the money and time spent. A well planned trip always leaves good memories to look back at.



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