Tonsil problem is really awkward one as it really irritates us during speaking, eating and even when you are doing nothing. Person cannot concentrate on kind of work when he or she is suffering from this problem. Personally I too have this problem since my birth and have to follow some strict diet to avoid this problem. This problem becomes even worse when you can’t eat or drink your favorite stuff during this problem or to avoid this problem, as I have to avoid cold drinks (which I love to have) to avoid my tonsil problem. So if anyone is suffering from this problem as well just follow this article. I have few ideas to have relief for the same.

Gargling with hot water with mixed salt

Take a glass of hot water and mix one or two spoon of salt. And start gargling with it till you finish the water. You will feel relief by doing this thing. Don’t just stop by finishing it once; keep doing it two to three times in a day. And repeat the same thing if you still have tonsil problem on next day. For more instant relief you can add turmeric powder in the water and then gargle with that mixture. I am sure this will give you relief at some level.

Drink hot water and other drink

If you are feeling uneasy then you can have hot milk or tea for relief. It will provide warmness that you need for your throat and will give you some relief. So have something hot. Not only that you should stop drinking normal water as well, I mean it will be better if you drink warm water. Just drink boiled water in regular use and it will give you relief from the pain of tonsil. So keep drinking something to keep your throat and tonsil warm so that you can feel easiness in problem.

Honey and turmeric powder

This is something new. Actually some old person told me that I should eat honey with turmeric powder mix for instant relief. I tried it and it definitely helps me to cure my pain at some level. So it is a worthy one to try out and it is easy too. Just mix turmeric powder with pure honey and make paste of it. Then take a spoon and just lick that paste. Repeat this thing two times in a day and it will surely help you to cure your pain. Such home remedies can be really effective for some problems.

 Avoid cold stuffs

You should be careful and avoid cold stuffs for problem like tonsils. If it is summer then yes it is really hard to keep our self away from cold drinks and ice creams. But such things will make your problem worse. Personally I used to have tonsil problem since starting. I got the problem whenever I used to drink any cold drink. So that’s why I mostly avoid this thing. Yes it is okay to have it occasionally but should be strictly avoided during tonsil problem. So be hard for yourself to avoid such things.

Rest at home

You should do enough rest if you have more problem of it. Better to stay at home instead of moving around in pollution areas which can cause more problems for you. So stay at home and have enough rest. Tonsil is throat related problem, so staying home is not the end you should also give rest to your throat by speaking less. So don’t speak more in this problem otherwise it will give you more pain. More you speak less more you feel relief.

Have cough syrup if you have cough problem

As I said above that tonsil is the throat related problem, so if you are having cough problem too with tonsil then better to do something about your cough problem too. I mean with that you will feel lots of pain in your tonsil. Normally I do get cough problem too when I have tonsil problem and both of together give me really trouble. So generally I used to take cough syrup or milk and turmeric powder to have relief in cough problem. So to avoid more pain better you take care of your cough problem too.

Go to doctor and take Antibiotics

It is okay to take care of tonsil problem with home remedy. But it should be limited at one stage. I mean if you feel that you tonsil problem is being sever then you should go to doctor and take antibiotics to solve your problem. Normally if tonsils increase in our throat then it start creating infection in it. You will see white spots around tonsil in your throat in case you need to identify if you have infection or not. So in this case normal medicine and remedies will not work for this problem. Better you go for your known doctor and take antibiotics to avoid or have relief for more infection in your throat.

So this is it. Personally I have this problem too. From all treatments above tricks works for me to help my tonsil problem at some level. Tonsil problem may sounds little but you need to take care of it in time. It can give you lots of pain if it not get proper treatment on time and sometimes it will get cure in no time without give any problem to you. If you are having tonsil problem on regular basis and none of treatment works for you then you need to go through operation for permanent solution. So try out above tricks if you too suffering from the same problem. Hopefully some of them will work for you and help you out from your problem. Have a healthy life.

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