Diabetes makes life difficult

Diabetes is considered a complicated disease which becomes the cause of many other problems and prevents living a normal life to its patients. The diabetes becomes more complicated during winters which can even cause a heart attack. If you have been diagnosed for diabetes your doctor must have advised you the proper precautions you must take but in case you are not yet aware about your suffering from diabetes you should check if you have been going to the bathroom to pass urine more often recently? And if you have been going to toilet more than you do normally then you might have noticed that you must be drinking more water than you usually did. That is natural as you must make up for the lost liquid in your system. 

In case you have been spending most of the day going to the urinal it’s a wake up call. The patients of diabetes have more than normal quantity of glucose in their blood they need to use toilet more often. Actually it’s the insulin level which becomes ineffective, or in some cases missing totally the kidneys of the patient fail to filter or circulate it back into the blood. The kidneys in normal course take water from blood for the purpose of diluting the glucose and if the quantity of glucose is more than normal the kidneys will need more water which will fill up the bladder hence the need of going to toilet more often. Diabetes is a complicated problem

Diabetes is a disease which is hard to get rid and also becomes the cause of many more complications and the patients of this disease are increasing at rapid rate in the world more so in the third world and the worst part is even the children are suffering from diabetes. The diabetes brings many problems along with it and makes life complicated. 

Let’s have a look of some of the symptoms 

Apart from frequent urination and disproportionate thirst one can feel unusual weight loss or weight gain in some cases due to intense hunger. Cuts and bruises do not heal up properly or quickly, the patients feel irritation that could be loss of energy, vision gets blurred or hazy, the gums become red or swollen or even pull away from teeth. The patients suffer more from different dental problems. The male patients might suffer from sexual malfunction and a strange feeling of numbness occurs especially in your feet and hands which can even damage you nerves.

Diabetes has mainly two types of patients although there are a number of different types of diabetes, but generally speaking the most common form of diabetes is type 2 diabetes often developed from pre-diabetes that is non-insulin dependent diabetes or mellitus which is a chronic condition that goes for the entire life and affects your body ability to use the energy from the food.. The type 1 diabetes is more common in children also known as Insulin dependent diabetes but some of these are more prevalent than others.

Winters cause problems to Diabetic patients

Winters cause problems to all people especially in northern India but people suffering from various diseases need to take extra precaution especially the diabetes patients since they lose some of their energy As the insulin in your blood is not working properly, or is not there at all, and your cells are not getting their energy, maybe body of diabetes patient gets weaker and has to make extra efforts for finding more energy. The muscle tissue and fat of diabetic patients break down more rapidly in process to get more energy. Therefore diabetic patients especially suffering from type-2 diabetes should be very cautious especially those suffering from heart related problems as the danger of heart attack increases by 50% or so in winters. 

The diabetic patients should take extra care of their dietary habits and add green vegetables, fruits, and dry fruits to their diet which help them safe up to a great extent from the ill effects of diabetes. They can eat apples, papaya, oranges in a limited quantity besides eating lots of nuts, almonds, walnuts etc. The diabetic patients should eat at regular intervals in small quantities which keep control their insulin levels and body fit.

There are certain other important points which will help keep diabetic patients healthy and the most important of them all is to remain active. The best way to remain active is light exercises prescribed by you physiotherapist of physician but if you are not able to follow your exercise cart the morning walk or walks at any time will help your cause. Please, keep in mind that early mornings could be too cold during winters so it’s better to go for a walk after the sun rise and if you prefer to walk in the evenings also it will be good to walk before sun set. 

It’s better not to eat at least two hours before a walk as it could affect your heart adversely. It’s advised for elderly people not to go in for excessive exercises but keep their workouts according to their capacity.  There is another important point that drinking lukewarm water stops thickening of blood which helps prevent clotting of blood vessels. However, the patients of diabetes are advised to see their doctor regularly especially if they find some irregularities in their routine. The precautions may help you from some of the problems if you follow them carefully-

A- There is no point in repeating that you can keep your diabetes under control if you follow the instruction of your doctor and take medicines regularly

B- You may be suffering from minor symptoms of diabetes but it may harm your body in a big way

C- The sugar level in blood can harm important organs of the body like kidneys, heart, eyes, artery, cells and legs besides weakening the bones

D- Type-1 diabetes is curable through insulin treatment only, please keep in mind that Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that causes the insulin producing cells in the pancreas which destroys and prevent body from producing insulin in sufficient quantity.

E- Type-2 diabetes is curable through oral medicines but doctors may advise insulin for a limited period. But you must not overlook any irregularities in your body and even if you are not sure you must see your doctor who may decide to test you for the exact reasons.

Conclusion- As I said there are more reasons which cause increase of symptoms in winters and one of the main reasons is lack of intake of water, lack of physical activities which cause the increase of sugar level and arteries which are large blood vessels narrow down up to some extent during winter season causing the lack of resistance power of the body. The diabetic patients should take extra care during winters which may cause them flu and pneumonia. They can go for anti flu and pneumonia serum, keep a watch on their feet as they might feel numbness in their feet during winter, it’s better to keep their feet covered with socks and shoes. They should use moisturizer for keeping skin of their feet healthy as most diabetic patients get them infected easily.  Look at main symptoms once again- Loss of weight, going to toilet repeatedly, and feeling of tiredness, increased hunger, and infection in private parts blurred vision and numbness in feet.  

Please note that I am not a doctor or medical expert so what I write is based on various information gathered from different sources or experiences 

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