Brain Tumor

I was reading a post a couple of minutes before where the honorable member was saying her phone ringing constantly with calls from her friends and relatives. I congratulate her for having so many calls. I envy her for being so important and look at my phone which is ringing once in 15-20 minutes.

We should understand it that people can suffer from brain tumors at any age but the risk increases as much we become older. However we must look at the reasons behind different types of brain tumors and especially the ones common in younger people.

As I said mobile phones are under constant research whether low level radiation produced by them could be really as serious as projected. It would contradictory but some of the researchers are not sure if the mobile phones pose such a big problem for your brain's health especially the concern about causing brain tumors. 

I am lucky as I take the solace in the fact that I have lesser chances of suffering from brain cancer as you might find my excuse a lame one though. But people suffering from cancer in their childhood have a far greater risk of having a brain tumor  at the later stage in their life especially the people who had leukemia.

As per the opinion of experts the risk of brain tumor the menin-giomas and to some extent the malignant glioma is far more especially in people who went through head or brain related CT scans, multiple X-rays and radiotherapy tests. The increase in brain tumor risk could well be the cause due to the treatment for in past and radiotherapy of the head.

Brain cancer

On a serious note the chances of suffering from Glioma which is a type of serious brain cancer caused by longer discussion on cell phones. Glioma is a malignant tumor of the glial tissue of the nervous system that is more likely occurring in case a person is in their thirties or around. I hope the particular member attending so many calls is in her late twenties therefore more at risk of suffering from Glioma .

I am not a doctor but I know about few factors, the risk of Glioma is greater especially to the women going under Hormonal therapy or contraceptive pills.  It’s a common factor that if you have a history in your family that is any of your parents, siblings suffering or ever diagnosed for a brain tumor, you’re at greater risk compared to others.

I have often times heard that smoking is another reason for brain tumor but what I found it many posts that it smoking related risk is applicable in certain cases and not in all brain related tumors and same is true for drinking alcohol. I found contradictory statements about use of hair dye which according to some specialists is unlikely to increase risk of brain tumor.


I am very much sure that you are feeling and having your own questions as to and why and how people suffer from Glioma and brain tumor. I am not a doctor but I tried my best to collect facts about this dreaded disease. I hope this will help some of your concerns.

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