Osteoporosis is a structural anomaly of bones, which occur in old age; due to different causes. Yes, it not only occur solely, due to aging process; but, has other contributing factors behind its existence, inside human body. Having contributing causes other than aging, is not the only surprising fact that I has told you, just; it has other so many surprising facts, associated with its existence that you must be aware of.

So, you must be wondering, what are those surprising facts, regarding disease osteoporosis that you must be aware of? Well those are-

1) One surprising fact I have told you, in 1st paragraph of article; therefore, no need to repeat that again here.

2) Next comes, 2nd surprising fact that it is not only, caused due to aging factor; but, also has genetic factors, acting behind its existence, too. That is, if any member of your family have history of premature occurrence, of osteoporosis, before 45 years of age; then chances of your getting suffering, from osteoporosis increases. So, is that the only factor, for early osteoporosis occurrence or have other causes too? Well, yes it is has other reason too, one of which I am going to discuss, in next point below.

3) Well, the other reason because of which early osteoporosis, can occur prematurely; is early menopause, before usual age. It does not matter, whether early menopause occurred due to, genetic causes or due to operative causes; if you have early menopause, you are definitely going to, have early osteoporosis.

4) Does osteoporosis have gender deposition, other than age predisposition? Well, yes it has. It occur more among women than men and it not only occur more in women; but it also occur early in women than in men because of early hormonal flow stoppage in women, due to menopause. Whereas, hormonal flow does not start deteriorating, before 70 in men. Even after 70 years of age, it not stop suddenly; it gradually decreases.

5) Does osteoporosis has some nutritional association too? Yes, it has and if you like small children, hate to drink milk; then be ready to have, early osteoporosis because you are not supplying your human body, calcium mineral coming through milk; whose deficiency also increase your chances, of premature osteoporosis.

6) Does having fracture in life, increases predisposition to osteoporosis? Well, answer to this is yes, if you have any bone of your human body, having fracture history; then that bone, which has fracture history in past; get affected by osteoporosis, much earlier than rest of bones, of your body.

7) Anything else, which is yet left to discuss? Well yes, if you are chronic smoker or chronic alcoholic or on anti-convulsive drugs, from a very long time; then it does not matter, whether you are male or female, you are going to get early onset of osteoporosis; affecting your human bones because all these 3 factors, erodes your bones from inside.

8) Any lab-investigation, which is available in market; to get this disease detected? Well yes, there is and its name is BMD test, full form, bone mineral density test. If you have T score, which is test score, ranging above -1 and up to -2.5; then you are diagnosed as osteoporosis victim. But, if on testing, your T score comes above -2.5; then also you are diagnosed as osteoporosis victim. But, if with T score above -2.5, you also have past history of fracture; then you are labeled as, severe osteoporosis victim; who needs prompt treatment.

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