Lumbar spondylosis is a degenerative disease, which most often is caused by people's wrong posture habits; but that does not mean, it has only that cause, it has other causes too; which I will disclose you, in rest of article one by one; along with way to identify lumbar spondylosis victim. But question is, how to identify lumbar spondylosis patient? How to know that a person is suffering from lumbar spondylosis? Well, lumbar spondylosis patient, mostly suffers from following complaints-

  • They usually complaints of pain that affect their hips and thigh and this pain can be dull or sharp, depending on the severity of the patient's lumbar spondylosis stage.
  • 2nd complaint they may have associated with first complaint and that is due to above pain, told in first complaint; they usually have difficulty in their walking and sitting routine.
  • 3rd complaint that a lumbar spondylosis patient have, is feeling of weakness in affected legs and painful area, is tender to touch.

Now comes causes of lumbar spondylosis, which I promised to you, to describe in 1st paragraph of article and they are-

  1. As I described in 1st paragraph that it is caused by, wrong posture habits. But, which posture is wrong and which is right? Sitting posture in which knees are not bend at 90 degree and back is not straight; that is, wrong posture. And if, body is in more curved way, in standing position; then that is, also wrong standing posture. For example, if head is bend more toward forward side and shoulders are not straight, bend more inwards while standing; then that is called, body is more curved. Whereas, if a person while standing, have head straight, shoulders straight and back upright; then that is called, right posture.
  2. So that was about wrong posture habits. But, do you know that not only wrong posture habits, result in lumbar spondylosis suffering, in future; but sitting for very prolonged hours, can cause lumbar spondylosis. Lifting the heavy objects wrong way daily, due to one's work schedule, can cause lumbar spondylosis.
  3. Aging is also responsible for lumbar spondylosis, in aged people in old age. But, why? It is because aging decrease the space between vertebrae of spine, due to which spinal nerves passing through that space got compressed. This compression cause pain of lumbar spondylosis. Sometimes it is not due to aging; it is because patient have this disease in genes.
  4. Sometimes patient have this disease, just because of increased weight; which is making them sit in wrong posture, inviting lumbar spondylosis. Obesity also cause this disease because of lack of exercise, in obese people's life because active schedule, doing exercise save a person from suffering from lumbar spondylosis. 
  5. Do you know that sometimes it can be caused due to stress, if patient has emotionally stressful circumstances. Wrong posture not only cause lumbar spondylosis, while you are awake; it can cause lumber spondylosis in sleep, if you are sleeping in wrong position.

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