As of today I am going to tell you something.The question arise in your mind, what is about it. It is very important to us. Very very necessary. It is very good for health. Enough to put the puzzle. Now we'll go to the matter. I am going to talk about the art of keeping clean, which I hope will be your favorite topic. 

Everyone is interested in cleaning the house. But some people do not get time. A few lazy crap. Some people have thought. But will not activate. Home makers can maintain the house clean in the best manner. I will explain that how my mother-in-law manage time to keep the house clean. Cleaning is not only enough. At the same time we should give proper food to our family members. It is the duty of the homemakers. My mother in law wakes up at 6 in the morning. She used to put beautiful Rangoli before the gate, everyday. 

Then she will make coffee. Then she will start washing all the vessels including the coffee vessel. Then the whole house broom. Then prepare tasty breakfast. After eating all of the family members, immediately wash the vessels. She will finish off if other works are there. At 11, start preparing lunch. 12.30 noon will be completed. At 1 pm, all the food will be ready. She serve food to all. 

At 2 pm, everyone finished eating, and relaxing. At 4, and prepare coffee. No change in this time management. Keeping the vessels in the same place helps a lot. When cooking, keeping close the required items helps a lot. Objects must be taken back in its place.

Can wash house two times a week. If we do these things, our house is clean and beautiful. We should clean electronic items once in a month. If we do this, our house is beautiful. Implementing any thing is a little difficulty. But after implementing it would be too easy. 8 at a dinner at our house this time management is very best for the body. Friends will you start follow this? Was it helpful. Did you like it? 

Mark the daily tasks in a notebook will be beneficial. Let's not forget, all the work can be done better. You can tick the finished work in your notebook. That's how I do my office work. Multiple jobs at the same time because it is more likely to be forgotten. It was helpful to me. I think that will help you. 


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