The air conditioner is one of the expensive appliance.  We need to retain the efficiency and proper functioning of your air- conditioner, it is very necessary for you to know how do you clean your air conditioner air Filter. This replacement is necessary because it may block the flow of air from your air-conditioner and hence reduces its efficiency. The quality of air generated by your air conditioner become healthier after cleaning your air filter. This maintenance activity improves the function of your air- conditioner as well as heating equipment of your air conditioner.  By this way you are going to save a large buck of money on your monthly electricity bills.

Now you may want to know that how do you clean your air conditioner air filter. Cleaning purpose is not very hard to understand. It is as simple as you clean your books after removing it from the cabinet. I am going to discuss it in various steps.

Step Number one:  Remove the Filter.

First of all the basic idea is to know the exact process of removing air filter from your air conditioner. This is not a difficult process to remove filter outside from the air conditioner. Different air conditioner comes with filters that may adjust in a different manner. In some air conditioner filters can be easily slid out from one corner of air conditioner whereas in some air conditioner we need to perform little work to remove filter fix by using clips.

Step Number Two - Vacuum the dust. 

There might be a chance that your filter is surrounded by dust bunnies. For this type of dust, attached your filter with a vacuum cleaner. In this case washing is not necessary.

Step Number Three - Wash your filter.

The next step of my article How do you clean your air conditioner air filter washes your filter with water. You may take a bucket full of water or use your kitchen Basin to wash your air filter. You need to apply lots of water on your air filter in order to clean your filter in a proper manner. In my opinion the best technique for washing your air filter is to add two teaspoons of Vinegar into water. This is a useful technique in order to remove all kinds of bacteria stick with your air filter.  For better result soaks the filter into the mixture of vinegar and water for longer duration of time.

Step Number Four - Drain the Air Filter.

The next step regarding article How do you clean your air conditioner air filter is drained out all the water after washing. For this you may place your Filter at some dry place. If it is possible use some clothes under air filter. It may save filter to meet any dirt particle.

Step Number Fifth - At last Replace the Filter.

The next step is to fix your air Filter back to the air conditioner. Before fixing you need to become sure about the dryness of Filter.  If it is completely dry, go ahead and fix the air filter back to your air conditioner. This is all about the topic How do you clean your air conditioning air filter. Now time to enjoy the fresh air that is free from any kind of bacteria and dust.

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