The main question coming in mind that how we start organic gardening? Either you are a fresher or an experienced organic gardener. It doesn't matter, you can easily grow some foods, flowers etc. without any difficulty. But one thing you have to keep in mind that, plant more trees without any danger of insects, diseases etc., organic gardening becomes more successful. The best time to start your organic gardening during winter season, spring season creates some problems for Freshers. To become a good organic gardener you have to fix some rules and work according to rules to become good gardener. 

1. First to decide that how you can utilize your land? 

Before starting any work you have to set some target in your mind. First you have to think what kind of plant you are going to place, separate the space for flowers, fruits, vegetables etc.. The main thing that you have to keep in mind is space and how productive is your land. 

Are you fresher in organic gardening? Or you want to increase your area of gardening? Do you want to release the problem of insects, diseases, pest etc. from your garden? First of all you have to aware about the length of your garden, your piece of land that you have chosen for growing vegetables, flowers, fruits etc. If you feel the problem in remembering the places, easy way to map the places in the paper for your convenience. You have to follow these steps while you are deciding to buy seeds or plants trees. Choice of your place plays an important role in gardening. Plant trees or seed according to soil present there, otherwise you couldn't find appropriate result. So its better to map your garden in paper that help you to do proper gardening without any extra effort. You have to pay a little concentration that help you to plant more trees. Think about the result before you start the gardening, help you to became a successful gardener. It may take a few days or weeks but after that it provides you an exceptional result. If you are a fresher, it takes more time but you take less time if you have some experience in this field. If you want to became good gardener, you can take help of some books or you take help from any experienced person in the field of gardening. You can easily get some helpful books from the library or you may ask these books to your friends who are interested in gardening. After reading all the rules and regulation write those steps in your map, that help you to choose what tool you required or what cost you are going to spend on gardening. These lists help while you are going to market to buy seed, chemicals or tools for your gardening. Organization and scheduling.

You have to make a plan, if you want to achieve more and better work in less span of time. This helps you to make your work easier and straight forward. You have to know about yourself, you are capable of making better garden. Knows that all these works are very hard and cannot be completed in a few weeks. You have to pay your full attention toward your gardening. If you fail one time, don't lose hope try again with all your strength. Map your project on paper, this will help you to make yourself a better gardener. Plan to become good gardener is always benefiting for you. Do not repeat the same steps again and again. Implement new and improved rules to get more and more benefits. As the passage of time you became experienced and you learn new and advanced techniques, now you are able to create fruits, vegetable, flowers in a better way. About tool.

You have to keep knowledge of tools that are used while organic gardening. If not make a list of tools with the help of any experienced person or you take help of a book.

Some of the Basic tools

  1. Diggers: This is a tool that every gardener uses it for soil aerating and for piling compost. This tool is also known as a Spading fork. Spading fork is a rectangular shaped tool that has a flat type blade. For piling compost manure fork is very useful.
  2. Weeders: This weeding tool is a combination of a hoe and small-handled tools for cultivating. The design is different. Both the tools are constructed in different styles.

A. Hoe.

220px-Peasant in the vegetable garden

Different types of hoe

  1. Swan neck hoe - It is an ideal tool for work in your garden because of its lightness. The cutting blade is skimming at the lower surface. 
  2. Oscillating Hoe - This tool is used to lower the amount of new weeds. This took quite disturbs the surface of soil due to the double edged blades. This tool is also known as scuffle hoe. 
  3. Collinear Hoe - This tool is quite useful. Small weeds are being easily cut off with little disturbance of soil. This tool consists of an Angled handle and narrow Blades.
  4. Eye hoe - This is one of the tools that is used for tough chopping of over populated weeds. This tool is also known as a Grub hoe.

Some of the small handled tools for cultivating

  1. Hand Cultivator - This is a tool that preserves with the tin. This tool is used to destroy new weeds by disturbing the surface of soil around the place near to plant.
  2. Dandelion weeder - This tool is used to destroy the weeds with long taproots.
  3. Pavement weeder - This is a tool with a small handle and flat blade of metal. This is used to remove weeds found in between the cracks of a stone or bricks.
  4. Pruners - The method of trimming trees, long plants and Shrubs really raise the growth of trees and provide a good health. In order to control the growth of disease you have to use a pruning out diseased wood. You can select a Pruning tools from a various sizes according to your requirement.  According to my idea always select a pruning tool that is sharp and pruning tool with high quality.
  5. Tillers - Tillers are available in different shape and sizes as per your requirement. If you are in search of a tool that may help you in breaking your land and performing big tasks, select a large tool which is also known as gas powered tillers. Apart from this you can also use a light weight small tillers for cultivating your land for a whole year. According to my experience you need to rent some of the tillers and use it before actually buying it. They can be expensive and perform differently in different condition.
  6. Sowers - Suppose that you are going to cultivate and place at plants in bigger areas, this tool is very useful. It is a wheeled shaping tool used for seeding.  
  7. Comfort tools - You are really going to get a lot of comfort after using the some of the accessories used in a garden that can be easily available in the market in the modern era. Some of the accessories such as Knee pads, Gloves, wheeled carts and many more. It totally depends on you. If you need one, take one or take all according to your requirement.

Start the topic with seed

It means that develop your plant by using seed. The advantage is that it is free from chemicals. Most of the plants we get from garden house is made and grow by using various chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Suppose that if you bring a seed from a garden house never sure that it is a seed with organic value. Most of the seed is coated with fungicides. It is my advice to buy a seed from reputed organic seed supplier company. Suppose that if you grow plants with the help of seeds, it needs the sterile containers, soils and planting labels. For the proper growth of the plants use a separate container to avoid a damage caused in one plant. It stops the damage.  If you buy a mixed soil, the mixed soil must be sterile in order to save the seedlings from disease. Suppose that if you want to make a mixture of soil by itself, use a combination of vermiculite ( It is a mineral with mica based. It can be expanded many times in their real size by the way of heating), perlite ( it is a kind of ash collected from volcanic) and sphagnum ( It is collected from an Alive moss).   In order to reduce its acidity you need to add a one tablespoon of lime for every two quarts (It is a unit used for measuring) of sphagnum. Suppose that if you want a good mixture of soil, you have to take a sphagnum, perlite and vermiculite in equal proposition. Take one part from each. In order to proper germination of seeds you need to provide proper heat. Heat does not mean light.  If you place a plant container on the edge of the window, it gets heated but for more heat it is good to place a container On the top part of the warm refrigerator.  You must take care that your seed remains moist. This can be done by using a moist mix and cover your seed with plastic. At the time when you see an instance of life, you have to snatch a plastic around the seed and place your plant at a place where it receive at least 8 hours of sunlight each and every day. At the time of watering be careful so that the soil cannot wash away. Spray an adequate amount of water. Before taking your seedlings to outer world be sure that it can be survive in any climatic condition. At the first time of the day for 1 or 2 weeks place your seedlings in a shady place. Slowly increases its exposure to the sunlight. There is an area that is based on the average yearly low temperature. This is known as the hardiness zone.

Design a garden

The garden free from chemical effect is does not mean that doing only gardening but also a method of designing a garden. Try to not grow your plants in a row. It is growing in a bed size. By doing this we can easily manage the pest disease and weeds. Bed size is also very attractive, colorful and easy to maintain plants. The size of the plant in a bed shape garden is equal to the height of the arm. This is useful because the adjacent plants leave can easily provide shade in the soil. Due to this the growth of the weeds reduces. 

Due to the presence of diversity in your garden you are going to get many advantages.

If you like to have a mixed bed garden (Mean grow plenty of plant varieties), you are going to get some pest protection in a natural way. You are going to create a difficult path for the pest to find their target. It might attract some of the insects that are good for your garden and might. It also reduces the growth of pests and insect organisms to extreme levels. Apart from this soil also acquire various advantages that are good for various planting techniques. As for instance - when you plant a nitrogen gobbling corn plant with nitrogen rich beans.  Suppose that if you place a plant in a pairwise, it can help in improving the quality of soil, provide healthier plants and ensure you with high yield crop.  We discuss this technique a lot but still we don't know the exact name of this technique. It is known as Companion planting.

Companion Planting

Companion planting is a branch of science. We are dealing with the combination of varying plants. In market you are going to read many books that easily indicate which combination of plants works. You are going to find various plants performing various functions such as many are attractants, some are repellents, Some of the plants are planted with your flowers and crop plant and some like a separate land for planting. For example - Sunflowers are better known as a Border plant while the combination of lacewings and parasitic wasps is a well known as an inter plant. Plants like marigolds is a both qualities as it is a border plant as well as inter plant. marigolds attract hover flies (Some of them are bean beetles, aphids beetles and Colorado beetles) and  Repel root nematodes. But this isn't meant that all plant varieties work well in a combination. If you want to start, be simple. At first you have to determine the type of pest you are going to encounter. After determining the best start your work in a garden.  Sometimes the combination of some flowers, Herbs and some vegetables work for you in your garden.  You can also take some tips on companion plantings from experts.

A way of making garden bed

Making a garden bed is simple and easy. You can make as many as bed having a size with 3-by-5 foot bed. You must leave a path in between the bed. If you want to increase the advantages of planting in your garden, you need to construct as many beds as you can make. The most advantage is that beds provide lighter soil, deeper soil, nutrient rich soil and high quality water absorbent soil. If you design your garden in the form of bed, you can easily maintain the luster of plants in your garden.  The other advantage is that it cannot be destroyed at the end of the season. You can easily construct the sides of the bed with the help of bricks, various rocks. It is a permanent solution of reshaping the bed each and every year.

Hochbeet Vordermühle 1

In what way you can raise your garden bed. It can be done by using a technique such as double-digging. 

This technique requires a hard work. Raised beds constructed by Double-digging.

  1. First of all you need to dig the top of the soil to a certain height. Use the wheelbarrow to keep the soil.
  2. Next you have to loosen the subsoil with the help of spading fork. If you add a little amount of organic matter, it will give an additional benefit and continue your work of loosing the subsoil.
  3. Now from the next strip of the bed in your garden you should start a topsoil removal task after the completion a task of loosing subsoil  The topsoil which is collected is placed over the subsoil (Soil which is added as an organic matter). For the better benefit you need to add an organic matter to the topsoil.
  4. Now you need to repeat the point 3.
  5. During you reach the last row of construction of bed in your garden. The part of the Subsoil is needed to cover with topsoil which is reserved.
  6. At least you need to place a plant. 

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