University on Wheels.

  • It’s a journey that makes the objectives and aspirations of your life come nearer. The journey of 8000 Km.
  • A journey that acquaints you with the life of fifteen of the most inspiring personalities.
  • A journey that awakens you.

A different Journey.

People undertake journeys to know about the History of places. To know about the culture of the places. To know about the diversity of the people’s occupations. But people undertake this Journey to know about them, more clearly and more vividly.

Jagriti, the awakening.

Jagriti  in Sanskrit means awakening. 

Sasankmani Tripathi, is an executive director of consulting at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Mumbai .In the year 1997, when Tripathy was based in London, with a view to understand how the country had changed after 50 years of independence, he started a Rail Yatra. The idea was to feel the pulse of the people who have seen 50 years if independence. Tripathi named the Yatra as ‘ Azaad Bharat Rail Yatra.’

The first Rail Yatra took off with 200 likeminded people travelling together for 22 days. After this historic innovation, Tripathi went back to London and scripted all his experiences of Azad Bharat Rail Yatra in a book by the name, ‘ A journey through a healing civilization’. The book was well received. It became a roaring hit.

This has prompted Tripathi to organize such Rail Yatras on a regular basis. His friends Prabhu and Raj Krishna Murthy supported this idea. As a result ‘Jagriti Yatra has come into existence.Since then Sasank Mani Tripathi and his friends have been doing this for the last six years.

Kindling the spirit of Entrepreneurship in the young people.

The Yatra’s main aim is to instill the spirit of Entrepreneurship in the youngsters through exchange of ideas.

The Jagriti Yatra is a 15 day, eight thousand Km long journey. Lasts for fifteen days. Twelve destinations. Interaction with Fifteen successful inspirational lives. Four hundred and fifty of youth.

Starts around Christmas and ends in early January.

A cross section of the travelers.

The travelers in Jagriti Yatra encompass different youngsters who were benefitted by the interactions with fellow travelers during the journey. Travelers who were contemplating to start different Entrepreneurships found answers and effective solutions through other fellow travelers and Sessions with seasoned, successful who made to the top and would be entrepreneurs. 

Ram Prasad.

Ram Prasad who was aiming to create a novel and enterprising business opportunity in the sphere of education namely Edupreneurship was one of the beneficiary in the Jagriti Yatra.

Born in Duggada, Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh, Ram Prasad was studying for Post graduation in the political science at Central University, Hyderabad. His father died and mother was working as an agricultural labourer. After knowing about the Jagriti Yatra, Ram Prasad applied for it and boarded the Jagriti Yatra.

During the Yatra of fifteen days, Ram Prasad met with like minded travelers and expresses his satisfaction that every destination of the Yatra filled him with inspiration and now he is on the verge of starting his own Edupreneurship.  


A lover of agriculture, though Bhushan was studying in Azim Premji university, his love for agriculture always made him think to do something to the farmer who gives the entire nation Food.. He never had any interest for doing a job. 

Bhushan was of the firm opinion that a farmer should think like a businessman. He met with likeminded would be entrepreneurs in the Jagriti Yatra. The idea of Bhushan to start Agriprepreneurship started taking roots firmly with every destination of the Jagriti Yatra. Every contact has sent valuable message to his mind. As a result Bhushan has decided to start his own Agripripreneurship. 


The IIT graduate from Mumbai never thought of working in cubicle confined jobs. She had a strong desire to break away from the cubicles and join the mainstream and work amidst the people. Her ambition was to impart quality education to those in the slums for a nominal and affordable fees. During the Jagriti Yatra, when the train halted in one of its destinations, she has seen the Kalikeri music university in Karnataka. That’s all Avishma met with her answer to step in to the realms of Social entrepreneurship. 

Eligibility factor to travel in Jagriti Yatra.  

Some people show reluctance to walk in the same path that was walked by innumerable others. They are possessed by the strong desire to set up a new way for them. They hate to get swayed away like kites. Their life’s ambition is to create a Tsunami of their own. 

All those with the above qualities are eligible to find a place in Jagriti Yatra. 

Grow and let Grow.

Business is not a selfish proposition that allows to the businessman alone. Business is that which allows both the businessman and the people grow together. While conforming to the above norm, one should not brush aside the ‘Values’. One should not forget the ‘Social responsibilities’.

If these ideals of a young entrepreneur are accomplished,   such  success paves way to directly or indirectly to create employment opportunities to some. Paves way to create extra avenues for enhancing the government’s exchequer through taxes. The government in its turn through the taxes earned utilizes to the welfare measures of the people.

Above all a successful entrepreneur stands as an inspiration to the younger generation and the aspiring entrepreneurs. Ignites the desire to grow.

Building India through enterprise – is the motto of Jagriti Yatra.

Jagriti Yatra aims at its goal of making one crore people turn towards the direction of Business. And creating ten crore employment opportunities by the year 2022.

In India, people from the middle class are highly educated and do not lack living opportunities. A big section of this class remain inert and indifferent when it comes to the greed to grow. This section is very much satisfied with what they have and never think of growing further and grab the opportunities to enhance their lives.

They refuse to leave their ‘Comfort zone.

Such people are not aware that they are doing great injustice to themselves in particular and to the society in general. Such attitude of mind eats away the creativity and skills lying inside the youth. This is gravest of the gravest crime.

It’s with the Nobel intention of driving away the ‘indifference’ in the youth Jagriti Yatra is driving all its endeavors through its innovative ways.

The Jagriti Yatra’s first run was started during the completion of 60 years of Indian independence in the year 2008. Four hundred and Fifty People from far and wide and from different countries were selected for the historic maiden run of Jagriti Yatra. The first group of Jagriti Yatra travelled 8000 Km. that lasted for fifteen days.

During the journey many successful and highly experienced entrepreneurs conducted workshops in which they delivered lectures comprising of their experiences. Their failures. Their relentless and single-minded dedication for chasing of their dreams were impressively narrated.

The aspiring entrepreneurs were completely immersed and impressed by their mesmerizing lectures. All words and syllables made a deep impression on their hearts. They asked questions. Cleared their doubts. Received the advises and the notes from the Masters.

The talks revolved around a plethora of subjects like Agriculture based businesses, Health, fuel, education, water and its hygiene, manufacturing of things, arts, culture sports name it. The travelers at the beginning of Rail Yatra have undergone a magical metamorphosis in to epitomes of determination and dedication after the completion of 15 days long Jagriti Yatra.

Dabba walahs of Mumbai.

It was the first day’s lecture on the Jagriti Yatra of last year. You may wonder who are these Dabba Walahas and why they were asked to deliver the lecture on the Rail Yatra.

Dabba walahas, a part of Mumbai’s culture.

As the name suggests Dabba Walahs are food carriers. They carry the food of the office employees from the employees’ homes to the employees’ table in their respective offices every day with meticulous punctuality on dot. Never a second this side or that side. Never a lapse. Most of these Dabba walahs are illiterates. None of them are aware of modern technology. Still work goes on sans interruptions all along the year. 

Jagriti yatra’s management has done a commendable job of selecting them to reveal the secrets of their success to the would be young entrepreneurs. Similarly all the remaining sessions of the fifteen days Yatra werefilled with such inspiring speakers who reached the peaks of glory. The speakers included successful business men, social activists, political leaders and academicians. 

A school without walls.

Sachin Desai has forsaken a lucrative job and left for his ancestral home Dhampur in Maharashtra to establish a unique school known as ‘A school without walls.’ The characteristic of the school are, it doesn’t view Studies and work different from each other. Brain and hands work with terrific and meticulous coordination.

Students learn the work of Masons. They get familiar with the work of a Black smith. They get acclimatized with the work of a tailor. And in the process they become expert creators.

Mind Tree software company.

Subroto Bagchi who graduated from Utkal university, Odisha had a strong feeling how a Leader should be and what should be his qualities. Bagchi is of the firm belief that a leader should know tomorrow’s needs and necessities today itself. A leader should have the abilities of leading from the front and set an example. And the companies should be built with the leader in  leading.

Sachin Bansal.

Through his website ‘Flipcart’ Sachin has raised the curtains to a new trend in the E commerce sphere.His motive is to satisfy his customer with utmost satisfaction. Because Sachin is well aware of Mahatma Gandhi’s quote on the value of the customer.

"A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.

In tune with the quote, Sachin Bansal gave the assurance to his customers, “Pay me only after you are satisfied.”Now “Flipcart’ is worth thousands of crores.

Elango Ramaswamy 

He quit the chemical engineer post in the Central Electro Chemical Research Institute in 1994. He was inspired by the Gandhian Philosophy of a self reliant village. After he left his job, he went back to his native village Kuthambakkam with the sole intention of Uplifting the village. He was elected as the Sarpanch of his village in the 1996 Panchayat elections.

Since then he has developed Community integrated housing, indigenous industries and Gram Swaraj. He has redefined the ideals of Local self governments. He was so successful in his mission that Ramaswamy was reelected in 2001 elections.

In addition to the above successful and inspiring personalities, The Jagriti travelers had the privilege of interacting with Sam Pitroda, Advisor to the Prime Minister of India on Public information infrastructure and innovations.  

Visited Aravind Netralaya that was rendering its services for a nominal charge in Madurai,

Had conversations with the IT experts of INFOSYS, Bangalore.

learned about the functioning of ‘GoonJ’ a voluntary organization that distributes old clothes to the poor.

Groundwater drainage expert Padre exchanged views.

Talked with Jude Kelly the Art director.

Every minute is precious.

In Jagriti Yatra, there is not a single dull moment. Between the destinations it’s not just seeing and whiling away the time sitting on window side seat. Games that sharpen the mind, quizzes that test the creativity and lectures that motivate and inspire constitute this unique Jagriti Yatra. Every moment and every day of 15 days journey is filled with some kind or other new programmes.

In important destinations like Bangalore, Visakhapatnam and Mumbai, members get introduced to the stalwarts in different spheres.

Big Mind Tree.

Big Mind Tree Is an interesting programme that constitutes the Jagriti Yatra.  Big Mind tree is a kind of Business Plan competition. In the Big Mind Tree competition, the travelers are divided into groups according to their interests. Each group is encouraged to prepare a Business plan in their respective interesting fields. A group of experts analyze the plans prepared by the participants. Good suggestions are rewarded. No it’s not all, there are mind relaxing and entertaining programmes. 

During the journey. Poets writers and artists among the travelers regale the travelers with their creative stuff all along the journey.

One recites his love lyrics. While one makes the listeners with her hilarious humorous repertoire.

An opportunity to live amidst Diversity.

You may wonder why all this paraphernalia to learn a few things? Instead one can stay in a 5 star hotel and read books.

One should note travelling alone can provide you an opportunity to have a firsthand information about the life, living conditions and the attitudes of different kinds of people from different sections of the society.

Mahatma Gandhi’s attitude towards life and his thoughts undergone a magical metamorphosis after wide travelling and interacting with different people. And from these experiences your inner and dormant thoughts  may be opened and lead to hitherto unknown incredible ideas.

Modern day Management lays stress on the importance of Networking for successful business ventures. And these Networks are possible only through dynamic means like Jagriti Yatras.

A platform to learn the Leadership Qualities.

Jagriti Yatra acts as an excellent platform for laying the foundations for Leadership. 

Out of the 400 people selected for the Yatra, 75 people are selected to act as ‘Fecilitator.’ A facilitator is someone who helps a group of people in running the group in a smooth way to achieve the groups’ common objectives and aims.

For every group of six members there will be one Facilitator. To act as a facilitator implies that one is on his way to learn and brush up the Leadership qualities. 

Discipline all the way.

During the Jagriti Yatra, Discipline is given the top most preference. The prescribed Code of conduct has to be followed in all its totality. Punctuality cannot be set aside. Usage of Drugs and smoking are strictly prohibited. No wastage of food, water and Time. Cleanliness and hygiene are to be strictly adhered to.

Rudiments of Team work. 

As said above all the selected people work in groups headed by a Facilitator. That means people work in Teams. It’s believed and practiced by Top Management Gurus and they are of the firm opinion that, ‘Team work Works.’ The principle of exchanging and sharing the skills will pave the way for success.

We give our skills and knowledge to others and we use the skills and knowledge of others.

This success sutra works for both individuals and institutions.

A confluence of diverse thoughts.

When 400 people from different backgrounds and varied skills travel together for fifteen days, many thoughts and ideas will surface up during interactions in the journey.

 Priya completed her engineering from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand state was having a strong desire to do something useful to the people

Sivaramakrishna and Sriharshita were studying engineering in IIIt in Nuziveedu, Andhra Pradesh. They do not want to do a job but they wanted to create jobs.

Sai spoorthy from Warangal wanted to create wealth from solid wastes.

 Vallari Sha Man, a post graduate in communications wants to become an entrepreneur in the education line.

All the thoughts of these people shaped in to clear solutions during the Jagriti Yatra. During the Yatra people who were aspiring to become entrepreneurs or something unique in their favourite fields are bound to meet with those who are thinking and aspiring for new ventures and enterprises like them. And this paves way to different new ideas and take a definitive shape.

Records speak.

The records of all the Jagriti Yatra shows that out of 2000 participants in the Jagriti Yatra, 250 people established their own enterprises

Kalyani Khodke after seeing the travails and hardships of senior citizens in one of the Jagriti Yatras, resigned her job in Tata Consultancy and established a firm that manufactures electrical carriers for the old and the senior citizens.

Seeing the farmers in the villages who are unable to get minimum price for their produce, and seeing the skyrocketing prices of the vegetables in the cities, Ashmit Kapoor found a solution during the interactions of One of the Jagriti Yatras.

Ashmit established an organization known as “Jagriti Agrotech. He went to the villages and encouraged the village farmers to practise Organic farming. And he has seen to it that the produce of the farmers reach the cities and sold without the interference of the Middlemen.

It’s not only in the business spheres, Jagriti Yatra has influenced the Social service spheres also.

Archana Ranganathan has established ‘Divyam Foundation to boost the life skills in the children.

Patrc Dowd an American who took part in the Jagriti Yatra  was so much influenced by the novel and innovative idea of Jagriti Yatra and realized that it could seriously improve the Jobs crisis and prompt the innovation spirit in the youth USA.

Patric Dowd started a similar Yatra with the name ‘Millennial Trains project’. It travels between San Francisco to Washington DC .

Cooperation from all circles.

Those who took part in the Jagriti Yatra did not end their relation after the completion of the Yatra. Every year from different walks of life, people come forward to offer their services voluntarily.

People who serve as volunteers in the Yatra, people lending support through donations, people arranging sponsors  with their Corporate contacts, people who help in the process of screening the applicants and many others are increasing day by day.

‘Jagriti has changed my life. It has changed the course of my life completely. After the end of the Jagriti Yatra, my shirking and hesitant nature simply disappeared. My inferiority complex gone without leaving its address. A new attitude towards life has cropped up that has shown me the brighter part of life. The yatra has opened new doors and new opportunities to embellish my life.” Says Priya an ex traveler in her Facebook account.

 The Anthem Of Jagriti.

“Inspire and get inspired

Change and lead change in others

Learn and share your experiences

Build and help build India through enterprise.”

The Modus operandi Of Jagriti Yatra.

Every year by the end of October the submission process of applications will come to an end. The screening process takes place every month starting from January. About 40to 50 applicants are selected every month. It means, the selection process works on “First Come First Served “ principle. The final list comes out in the month of November.

Jagriti Yatra starts from December 24 to January 8.

Some questions are to be answered by the applicants along with the application. These questions are meant to give an opportunity to have an insight in to the Applicant’s attitude. The answers hold mirror to the attitude and the desire to excel in the fields of his or her liking. The selection is based on the answers to the questionnaire.

Equal representation.

In the selection process, there will not be any scope for bias or discrimination. There will be an equal representation of the candidates from all the regions of the country. 44 percent are selected from Metropolises. 29 percent are selected from Big cities and towns. 27 percent are selected from Rural regions. 

Amenities and Facilities on Board.

Every aspect of the human needs are addressed with meticulous planning for the convenience of the Jagriti Yatris.  Different compartments for Men and Women are provided. All toilets and Bathrooms are located in separate compartments. The food is Vegetarian. Medical facilities are amply provided and above all a strict security is provided.

Igniting the Enterprise constitutes the Theme of Jagriti Yatra. The Benefactors have shown the way. The beneficiaries are to utilize the opportunities to the core and pave the way for an India that is enterprising.

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