Hacks are not shortcuts. They can be called as a better way of doing a  regular task. 

Below are a few hacks that can save you time and money. This will also improve your social skills.

1.Never buy the latest gadget, bike or car as soon as it enters the market. There are many products that are launched with a lot of publicity and hype. But, many times, it fails to match the expectations of the consumer. Many latest mobiles could fail to perform and then it would only cause trouble. At least wait for three months after the product had been launched. Read the expert reviews and talk to people who are using that product. Not only that but if you purchase it later you would get a better deal on that.


2.When you join a new job do not criticize about your office environment or suggest ways for improving it, on the first day. Keep calm and understand the office environment. Take some time to get to know your colleagues a little better. First, establish yourself as a good employee and gain their trust. After that, you could give any suggestions to improve your work environment and no one would misunderstand you, or take offense.


3.Ask the salesman for a discount, even in a fixed price store or a mall. It’s possible that you won’t get any discount but it would boost your self-confidence. Who knows, you may get a discount. Never hesitate to ask.  


4.If your boss or your colleague presents a great idea in a meeting or presentation, then openly praise them. They would really like it. Everyone wants to be appreciated. Most of the time people attending a meeting or a seminar are a little afraid to express themselves properly. In this environment when you acknowledge and praise their efforts, your relationship with them would improve.


5.While giving advice to a teenager or someone younger than you, always share your life experiences with them. Tell them about the mistakes you made, the wrong choices you took. Share the consequences that you had to face because of them and why you don’t want them to make the same mistakes.


6.If meet a person in the mall or gym or on the road, and you have some important business with them, don’t talk to them on the spot. Just make small talk according to the situation. They will appreciate this gesture and corporate with you better when you discuss it later.


7.Never bad mouth anyone behind their back. The person hearing it would get a negative perspective about you. You would present yourself as an untrustworthy person. Spreading negativity would only attract negativity in your life

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