Life is magical. Each and every moment of our life is special and unique. All we need to do is look around, and this time, look around more carefully. Look at the raindrops that fall so gently on the ground and appreciate the rhythm in which they do so. We have stopped looking at these little things as we have kept ourselves busy in discovering our materialistic matters. We need to just open up to these little moments. Experience the touch of cool breeze which can literally set the whole world in motion. This kind of richness when discovered will help us in our certainties and mysteries. 


Explore magic-

If we don't believe in magic, we are never going to find it. Greatest secrets are always hidden in unlikely spots. The little things which we avoid in our everyday life are the greatest treasures of magic and have the potential to bring happiness to us. Need is to open up to them and it will help us to open up to ourselves. The world is full of magic. All we need to do is sharpen our senses so that we can discover the magic and this discovery eventually will lead to self-discovery. Who knows, one day we can turn ourselves into some super magical creature like wizards or mermaids. There is magic and there are miracles and do not lose hope in them. If we do then our disbelief will make us believe in governments, materials, and business.


Magic exists-

It is not true that magic does not exist in the world. The whole thing is that we are devoid of strong senses. Our senses fail us to sense the magic in the universe. Since we are not able to do that we create disbelief against its existence. Magic needs to be explored. It waits for us to reveal it. All we have to do is become a seeker. Just like outside, magic exists inside us. When we turn off that clock that makes us chase time, we will discover an undiscovered magical world inside us.


There isn’t anything that we cannot achieve. The stars which look so far away from us are actually aren’t that far. Our wishes which look unachievable are actually not so difficult to achieve. All we have to do is believe in our wishes and dreams. We are the magical creatures and we have the power to mold our destiny. We are blessed with magic. Open those palms and sprinkle the fairy dust. 


Sometimes we feel like giving up. The universe loves and blesses the one who doesn’t give up. Magic is in stubbornness. There should be stubbornness in not giving up and believing in something that heart wants. Now, the world may oppose us, stand in our way, regard us as a fool, throw obstacles in our path and make every possible effort to stop us from achieving what we really believe. It may ask us to produce some logic. But do remember that logic and magic do not coincide. If we find logic in everything then magic may never get explored. Only when we lose the fear of failure and fear of being regarded as wrong, we will explore the magic. 


Final words-

If there is a scope for love then there definitely will be a quest for magic. As long as heart listens to the silence of the stars, as long as there are colors in the rainbow, magic exists. Do not get far away from the essence which was born within us. Embrace magic, who knows, we can someday get to meet elves and live in a tree.

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