Why should be Vegetarian

Being vegetarian is not only good for India but for the whole world. Requirements for growing a vegetable or a grain are much less than that for any meat produces.

A crop takes much less water in a season than an animal consumes in its whole life time. Almost a 1000 times less to produce same weight of food.

Land needed for a crop to grow is much less than that is required for raising animals . In later case land includes not only the farms where animals are kept but also land where special crops are grown to feed them.

Storage of meat requires much complicated and expensive system than that is required for a crop. Meat requires refrigeration, preservation and quick transport system which results into consumption of large amounts of fossil fuels.

Besides above vegetarian eating is consider much healthier and can save money on your medical bills.

Being vegetarian because you empathize with animals and respect their right of life is good for India since it will make us morally superior than a country/person that doesn't.

However if its for health benefits, resources etc being a non vegetarian is much better and less strain on the earth.

What do you think the diet of people living in resource deprived regions such as deserts, ice and so on is? Plus find out which country has the longest average life times and what its diet is. The results will surprise you.

Vegetarian food is also generally healthier than non-vegetarian-and a stronger part of our traditional culture.



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