Hello Friends, after along time I am again going to write a article or you can say its just a way for the new comers on BODDUNAN to learn how to write a article on BODDUNAN. When a candidate joins BODDUNAN, he/she always have doubts how to article and in which way he/she will get cash credits. So in this article I will try my best to give you proper way to learn ho to write a article on BODDUNAN.

First of all you need a valid account on BODDUNAN.

After this there are some ways to write article. BODDUNAN provides you a word edit or just like a MS Word. Here you will get various tool in a single editor thorough which you can make your article good looking and complete proper formatting.

When we see BODDUNAN website first time then we get confused how to write a article, what should we write. So friends please don’t give pressure in your mind. Every person in this world have a lot of thoughts daily which emits duet o various happenings in this world.

So there is no need to use your mind in very deep. You have just do a small work and this is: Give a shape of words to your thoughts. Just express your thoughts. No matters about what. Just write about you, your neighbor, any fact you have in your mind.

Now you will write and we will see it. You have to give a quality in your article which makes readers to understand easily your thoughts.


Now how to start your article. I am giving some pictures with this article which will make you understand easily how to start this article writing.


First of all login to your account and after login you will see a page like this picture. This picture is a small part of that page. If your are fresher on this site then you can see this page show in picture.

Here you will see:

Articles Submission Guidelines: These are the some guidelines:

  • Only articles with the proper formatting, appealing to the readers, will be given full cash credits.
  • Articles having no proper line breaks, too many line breaks, lines instead of paragraphs are given less cash credits.
  • Even 25% of the content that is copied from elsewhere is treated as copied content and will be rejected.
  • Articles having facts with no base will be given no cash credits.
  • Educational material such as syllabus, table of contents, survey results published on other sites etc will be rejected and be given no cash credits.
  • Articles having very less content will be given only points.
  • Even one article with good content is appreciated and will be given more points and cash credits.
  • We have introduced these rules in order to avoid fake content, less important content and not interesting content to the readers and their by retain the readers of BODDUNAN with its quality of articles.
  • You can also see the Latest Articles also. It will give you idea what kind of formatting you should provide to article.

Now in this figure you can see in Dashboard->Submit An Article. Please click in your account on this link Submit An Article. This will open a word editor of BODDUNAN where you can paste or write your article and then submit it.

Here you can see a lot of other small menu, you can see their functions in this picture.



Now see this picture. When you clicks on Submit An Article, then you see word editor of BODDUNAN just like given in this. These comments are written by me in this picture which make you easily understand the some functions of various tools provide in this editor.

For Example:

B: It is for giving bold style to your text.

I: It is for giving italic style to your text.

U: It is for underline your text.

Title: Here please write your title which reflects your article image.

Fonts: Here you can apply various different style of fonts to your text with different size. But please I wanna remind you apply such kind of format and fonts which provide your article a formal and good look not so much interactive.

The other functions you can see in this picture, which make you understand and when you do in real, you will get understand in first time or second time.


Here in this picture you can see the text area of editor where you will write article. Its not compulsory to write in his editor. Sometimes an article takes 2 or 3 days for writing, it depends on your capacity and length of article. You can write your text in notepad and save it to your pc as text file, you can edit it and save it. After writing you can copy from it paste it to BODDUNAN editor with ctrl+v( remember mouse right click paste will not work ok ) and format your txt with tools. Please don’t give so much space between lines and paragraphs.

If you wanna write in Ms Word then you can but before pasting it to editor firstly paste it to notepad and then to editor.

One of the main point. If you are writing programming code in article then please use pre tag of html for that coding. Here is the example:



Now see this picture. This small frame will open when you click in the insert image option in word editor. You can insert image through two options. One is URL method and another is upload from your drive.

You can see the URL field. Just paste the url of in that field and click on the insert option. Picture will get inserted.

Another option is upload from your pc to BODDUNAN server and then insert it. There is also a another option.

Upload your picture through orkut ad photo option in scrapbook. Upload there and take its url and insert here the url. Uploading from drive is quite complicated little bit.

Formatting of the article is depends upon you. Now the second part article writing is resolved.


See this picture. This is just below the test editor on same page. Here please select the section of your article from which it is related. Forexample:

Computers & Technology


Business etc.

Then please select the category of your article from which it is related. It depends on the section you selected.

The the point is “WHAT IS THIS METADATA?”

In this metadata you will find two text fields. One is description and another is keyword. In description you have to write the small 3 or 4 lines description which shows an image of your article when it shown in the search engine.

In keywords you have to write some important keywords of your article which makes more chances to show your article in search engine.

After that preview your article, there is preview option is available in editor. Just put cursor on every tool you will get its name.

Now down the page you will see the submit button, click on it your article will get submit with in some seconds.

In one day you can write only 5 articles.

Now the question arises how your article will get approved and how you will get cash. So, there is a process behind this. When you submit your article. It will go to the editors account, there editor see your article and check it whether it is copied or not and its formatting. So after that editor send it BODDUNAN support team which allows you cast credits. This process can take time of one day to max three days.

Hope you get a lot help from this article.

Any query, you can ask openly on forums by starting new thread. 




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