Before writing this article, I was confused to choose the title of my article, what to write, what not to, etc. But then at the same time one of my friends from my home town called me and after talking to her, some strange feeling of peace started developing in my heart. I felt an amazingly good, don’t know why, may be because I talked to her after such a long time and tried to share my deepest feelings and secrets with her that made me feel relaxed or may be because her voice made me remember those naughty and funky days of our school when we used to steal the lunch of other students, sleep during class or do something that made those moments memorable. I believe that friendship is somewhat like magical wand that cures all our problems when you share them with the magic of magical wand i.e. friend, you feel the great happiness. Man is really gifted with the capability to make friends and we must thank Almighty for this as all of us aren’t lucky to get sincere, loving and caring friends. When a child is born in this world, it opens its little teeny weeny eyes and it can see its parents and other family members around. But all those relations are blood ones. It simply means that friendship is such an amazing feeling that makes you to select your friends on your own. You are not born with the order that this is your friend, this is not etc. Friendship is a blessing and friends form the channels or in other words blessing carriers through which the blessings flow one after another. They cheer us when we feel disappointed or distressed, they motivate us to achieve our goals, they are our partners in every good and bad deed, they form our secret sharing partners, they make us feel lively and what not. There are certain things that we can’t share or discuss with our parents. At that time it is the friend only that helps us out. Even 1st Sunday in 1st week of August is celebrated as friendship day. We tie multi-coloured bands, to be precise enough “friendship bands” on the wrists of our friends as a token of friendship. I have got a huge collection of various bands that I collected since my childhood. It feels amazing to have such a vast collection. I am pretty lucky to have so many cutie pie friends around me that make me feel protected. I love all of them and wish that with each passing day, my friendship with them gets much stronger and closer. Thumbs up for all the best friends in the world…!!!

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