Nagaland is the beautiful sate of India. Most of the people often have a wrong conception that Nagaland is not the part of India. They thought that it is some another country where we need passport ot go. Here is a small description about Nagaland which tells about various tribes and customs of the Nagaland.

Nagaland, one of India’s smallest states, is located in the noth-east.It is bounded by Myanmar on the must, Arunachal Pradesh on north, ashram on the west and Manipur on the south. Nagaland is most mountainous except the part bordering the Assam valley. Mount saramati is the highest park and from a natural barrier between Nagaland and Myanmar.

The nagas, inhabitants of Nagaland, from more than twenty tribes. Konyok is the largest of the naga tribes. Traditionally, the Nagas wear colorfully tribal outfits with bamboo shields and decorated spears. They are simple at heart, are know for their festive spirit burst into dance and music on such occasions as festivals, marriages and harvest.

Folk song and ballads popular among the nagas uphold such values as bravery, love generosity, ect. Dances are mostly woven around war themes and are preformed with amazing mock war emotions. Bamboo dances is a well know dances of the nagas. Colorfully dresses young girls performing the bamboo dances at an incredible speed and with great accuracy present a fascinating sight

The nagas celebrate their festivals with great enthusiasm. Almost every nagas tribe has its own festival. Sankarni is the major festival of the zemis tripe. This religious festival coincides with shivratri. Sekrenyi is a festival celebrated by angamis tribe to ensure the health and well bring of the community. Moatsu is the most important festival celebrated invariable accompany festival.

Wood carving is famous nagas craft. The best wood carvers among all the nagas tribes are skilled in carving human and animal figures. Weaving is a traditional naga art in which each tribe has its own special designed and colors. Shawls, should bags, and intricately woven mats and baskets make magnificent souvenirs for the tourists.

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