These days many people have fancy names for their email ids like Rocky123.  Similarly in social networking sites they have fancy names like their nick names for example GV.

It is always advisable to have your full name including your initials as your email id.  Even for a name on a networking site it is always advisable to have your actual name as is mentioned in your educational certificate

Advantages of having your actual name as userid

Email Search:- There could be some classmates who could be trying to trace you through your email id.  There are websites which offer email search.  If you your email id is the same as your name, then it becomes easier for your long lost friend to search.

Name Search:- There are sites which offer name search.  If you have given a nickname in social networking sites that is not going to help his cause, especially if you have acquired that nickname later in life and you have lost in touch with your friend, for example your classmate much earlier before acquiring your nickname.

There are couple of reasons why people give fancy names for email ids.  The primary reason reflects their fanciful approach towards life in the way they dress or their lifestyles like choice of food and relationships, while the other reason is non availability of email ids especially if you have a name which is shared by many people in your country for example S Ramesh.  There still is a solution, you can give your userid with numbers or special characters at the end.  You can have your userid as sramesh123.

If you still like to stick to a fancy name, then it is suggested to use it only for your software userids which do not have any relevance to anybody other than you, but please avoid it when it comes to your emails and in social networking sites in the interests of your long lost friends who are eager to get in touch with you.




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