Lfe is 10% and 90% you have to make it.

Whets the secret of success?

Right decisions.

How do you make right decisions?

By experience.

How do you get experience?

By wrong decisions.

"Impossible" itself says "I m possible".

When you Really Want Something, The Whole Universe Conspires To Help You Get it!

"Don't start living tomorrow, tomorrow never arrives. Start working on your dreams and ambitions today."

Little faith says "I can do it".

Bigger faith says "I will do it".

Great faith says "It's done".

Have great faith in yourself.

If you work hard you can produce luck too.

Never stop your smile. you may find 100's of reason to smile, but this smile can bring smile on other face.

don't know who fall in love with your smile. For the world you may be the person but for the person you may be the world.

Don’t run ahead of God, let Him direct your steps,

He has plans & He has His time,

God’s clock is never late nor early,

It always strikes on time.

Every first has one last n Every last has one first.

"It's not your aptitude but your attitude that determines your altitude"



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