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Tara made it……………..


Somewhere in my mind, it was clear that this project will not be successful but I didn’t have any way to convince Tara and my will power was not enough to fight back so I finally decided to give it a go. For me the money to be spent on this project was not more than the mental block that Tara had in her mind. After all it was the question of my family life and peace. I didn’t want my children to be affected by the conflicts between us and their childish brain was not such that they could understand the minor productive details of our debates.

Today Tara was very happy, after all her long awaited project was going to be inaugurated. We had arranged a small tea party on the occasion for our friends. All my friends were doubtful about the success of this project but none had the courage to show their true expressions to Tara. Leaving aside the future consequences, launch party was something that everybody enjoyed. Both my kids Sunny and Rashmi were also happy and enjoyed the party very much.

Tonight Tara had made dinner with her own hands for us and we all enjoyed that too very much. Her face was glowing like anything and she was very enthusiastic to share her plans with me but I was so tired that I didn’t have the strength to listen to her. I simply said good night and went to sleep while Tara was still busy making the presentation that she was planning to share with other staff for smooth and efficient working.

Next morning Tara got up quite early in the morning which was not her routine temperament. She was again busy reviewing the project plan. At 7:00, she served me a cup of tea herself and was talking very happily to Rashmi and Sunny. I had allotted a small cabin to Tara in my office for keeping her records, where she also demanded a computer which I immediately got installed.

I could notice a big change in Tara after the launch party of this project. She has left all her laziness and rudeness; she had been very sweet to the staff under her.

It was already 6:00 pm in the evening and all her staff were still helping her in making the new designs for the hoardings; it was the same staff that didn’t ever want to stay after 5:00 pm in the office even for a single second.



With the initial few designs and rates she had set up new website with a very good slide show of her idea of eco-friendly hoardings. I was sure that nobody is going to accept this concept and she won’t get enough orders to make it survive further.

I didn’t show up my internal feelings to Tara, I wanted to show her the things failing down practically.

About month had passed since then things seemed to be going well. By now all the steps for implementation and marketing strategy had been taking shape but the main problem was to get a fair number of orders to keep the things take a pace and prove successful.

Tara was very happy today, she told me that she had sent an abstract on the design of eco-friendly hoarding concept for an international conference to be held in London, which has been accepted there and now she is invited to present the paper on it. The conference organizers had offered full sponsorship for the trip.

Tara was so excited to share this news with me. She began completing the formalities for Visa.

The presentation on her paper went very well. She also received an award there. There she was approached by two big companies and soon after coming back to India, she received bulk orders for her eco-friendly hoardings from these companies.

It was unbelievable to me and also a question mark on my caliber to judge someone’s abilities.



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