A. Ssdashivrao teaches Sane Guruji San Guruji’s father, Sadashivrao was very particular about orderliness. It was a custom in their family that each family member would prepare his own leaf plate for his or her meals. Sane Guruji’s father would carefully collect different types of leaves. When preparing the leaf plate, he would be particular to see that all the leaves are arranged properly and that the folding is neatly done.

He would insist upon the other family members following these principles. He always used to say: “Any thing you do, however small the act may be, must be done neatly and tidily”, Sane Guruji was unable to prepare his own leaf plate as he had not learnt the art of arranging the leaves and stitching them. Every time his sister used to prepare it for him. As his mother felt that he was not willing to learn the art and prepare his own leaf plate, his mother wanted to teach him a lesson. She refused to serve him food unless he prepared his own leaf plate. Again his elder sister came to his rescue and taught him. Finally he learnt to prepare his own leaf plate.

He prepared it and showed it to his father. His father was happy. He showed him how it could be made in a better way, by making the folding more exact and perfect. B. Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil teaches students Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil wanted to make the youths physically and mentally strong. He established many schools and colleges, especially in areas which were remote and not easy to reach. He got the students to build the roads and render their services by Shramadan. His advice to students was: “Children should get up early. They should exercise, keep their mind calm and be happy. They should be regular. They should work in the gardens, fields, hostels, without trying to avoid work. Students should wear simple but clean clothes.

They should wash clothes by themselves. There is a pleasure in doing one’s own work, with out depending on others. The body should be healthy and free from disease. A healthy mind exists only in a healthy body. Health should be good. All work should be done in time. Orderliness lies in regularity. Study should be done regularly and there should be continuity in it. Laziness is the enemy of man. So laziness should be avoided”.

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