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Dasharatha was king to the Ayodhya. Rama was son of Dasharatha. Kaikeyi was step- mother of Rama. She was jealous of him because she wanted her own son Bharata to succeed Dasharatha as the king.

Kaikeyi compelled Dasharatha to send Rama to the forest for fourteen years.

Viswamitra was ram’s teacher. Rama married Sita by the broken of Siva archery (weapon). The history, it is which was presented to the Parasuarama by Siva.

Rama went to jungles with his wife Sita, and brother, Lakshman.

Their going away upset Dasharatha so much that he died of grief.

When Bharata came to know what had happened in his absence, he rebuked his mother and ran to the forest to bring Rama back to the throne. Rama, however, made bharata return to Ayodhya and to rein the country fourteen years until Rama could obey his father’s command by spending these years in the forests.

In the forest, Rama, Sita and Lakshman had to lead very hard life. They could not have any of thru comforts of the place. They did not, however, feel sorry. Rama and Lakshman fought many demons and giants in the forest.

Surpanaka, sister of the demon king of Ravana of Lanka, fell in the love with Lakshman, however, refused. She was so much after hum that Lakshman became angry and cut off her nose.

Ravana boiled with rage on hearing this and thought of a plan to take revenge. He sent his cousin, Mareecha, to ram’s hut disguised as a golden deer. Sita was so charmed by the deer that she asked Rama to capture it of her.

Rama went after the dear telling Lakshman to stay and guard Sita.

Rama went after the deer quite a long distance. After a few minutes, Lakshman heard Rama calling for help. He did not know other he should go to help his brother, or stay and guard Sita as had been orderd to do. But one instruction from Sita he went. Mareecha had tricked Lakshman by imitating Ram’s voice. This was the chance Ravana had been waiting for. He disguised himself as a saint and came to seta’s hut. He seized her and carried her off to the island of Lanka.

On returning to the Rama found Sita missing. He was heart broken and set out in search of her along with Lakshman

Lakshman and Rama were helped by Sugriva, the king of monkeys and his minister, hanuman.

Sugriva was brother of Vali. Vali was a cruel. He had a bad. He was killed by Rama.

Hanuman was an honest servant of Rama and great devotee of Rama.

The army of monkeys built a bridge across the sea to enable Rama and Lakshman to across over into Lanka.

Angada was president of solders. He was son of Vali.

There Ram fought Ravana with the help of the army of monkeys and killed him. Sita was rescued.

After fourteen years in forest, Rama, Lakshman and Sita returned to Ayodhya. The people of Ayodhya gave a befitting welcome to their beloved Rama. Bharata who had kept the throne for fourteen years vacant for Rama was very much delighted. He crowned Rama as a king. Rama was a great king believing in justice and good of all his people. The word Rama Rajya has come to stay even to day as a token word for an ideal government.

Lava and kusha were sons of Rama.



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