It was a tedious day for Jesus. He told his disciples, ``come, let us go to a desert place and take some rest’’. When they went, people traced them and followed them. Jesus was moved with compassion for the people as they were like sheep without a shepherd. He taught them about the kingdom of God from where he came. Jesus told them that heaven is a beautiful place. ``if you turn away from your sinful ways ask god to forgive you, he will take you to heaven’’, Said Jesus. People were amazed at his teaching. They were astonished at the miracles he performed.

The sun was about to set. Jesus’ disciples told him, ``master, send this crowed back home. It is getting dark. The people are hungry and they won’t get any food here for it is a desert. Besides, if we have to go and buy food for them, we need a lot of money is a desert. Besides, if we have t go and buy food for them, we need a lot of money. ``then Jesus told them ``you give them something to eat’’. Then they said, ``we have nothing with us. But there is a small boy who has five loaves of bread and two fish. But that has nothing to do with these many people’’.

Children, just like you, also were among those who followed

Jesus. One of them was a small boy who had brought five loaves of bread and two fish. His mother might have packed and given him for his Tiffin. Jesus told his disciples, `bring the bead and fish here’. Immediately, the little boy gave his packet willingly. He did not hide it. As a result that was multiplied and that boy was blessed too. Jesus told his disciples, ``make the people sit down in rows’’.

Jesus then took the bread and fish in his hand, he raised it words heaven, gave thanks to his father. He broke it and gave to his disciples. And Jesus told them to distribute the bread and fish among the crowd. And alas! That food got multiplied and multiplied before their eyes! There were more than five thousand people. All of them ate stomach full and twelve basketfuls were left over which they took home.

Is not it a great miracle? Aren’t you surprised? It was not a magic. Jesus was holy and without any sin. Though he walked on this earth as a man he could do many miracles through the power of God. Jesus said that those who believe in him also can do the same miracles he has done. Today many ordinary people who have faith in

Jesus is doing such miracles that Jesus did –like raising dead to life, opening the blind eye and deaf ear, making the lame walk and dumb speak. Through the power of God, they are able to do miracles and wonders.


Main points

  • Jesus’ heart was moved with compassion for the people. You too should have a kind compassionate heart. Do not be rude to others.
  • Giving is a good quality. It is the nature of God. You should not be selfish. You should generously give to others. Then God will multiply and give you back in greater measure. Remember that God loves a cheerful giver.


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