What is true religion? This question is too complex and complicated. It defies an easy definition. But it is good to learn the essentials of all religions. Even this is not that easy. However, it is enough to know that all religions teach us about God. We are all created by God. God has blessed us with this beautiful and wonderful nature and everything in it. We have to enjoy the gifts of god. At the same time, we have to be grateful to god, who is all loving and merciful. We have to love him, obey him and worship Him. We have to know about Him. Religion teaches us about God. Religion is something like a connection link, a bridge between man and god.

But surprisingly there are so many religions in this world. They are various and different. They are called differently. Each of these religions has separate practices and customs. But whatever be the religion, whatever the practices, all them teach us to reach God. We have to follow the religious practices particular to our religion. Our holy books teach us about our religion. In the same way other holy books teach us about their respective religions. The bible tells us about Christianity. The Vedas tell us about Hindu religion. The Koran teaches Islam. We have to study our holy books, and learn about religion. Then we have to follow the principles of our religion and try to reach God.

But we have to bear in mind that different religions are like different roads leading to the same goal that is God. So, we should not hate other religions. We should not belittle or speak ill of them. We should be learnt of them. We should respect them. We should even try to understand them. Because, after all, all religions is teach the same thing. The essential teachings of all religions in this world are the same. For instance, every religion teaches us love, and mercy. No religion teaches us to hate others. We are told to do well. So, we have to understand this essential spirit of religions and practice our religion without hating other religions. Such communal harmony and tolerance keep us united and peaceful. It is our sacred duty to preserve this unity and peace of the world.

Again, every religion has its own place of worship. If Hindus pray in a temple,

Muslims pray in masque, Christians worship in a church. All these places of worship are equality holy. No one is lesser or greater than the other. Just as we respect other religions, we have to respect other places of worship also. Just as we have utmost regard for our religious customs and practices, we have to show equal regard for others. This is the true spirit of religion. Every one of us has kept it up.

If every one of us exhibits such attitude towards religion, we can make our world a better place to live in. we will be free from religious disturbances and the world lives in peace and happiness.


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