Haridwar the city of temples
Temple city I had been to almost every state of our country as a traveler, as a marketing professional and as one in search of peace, I have seen almost of the place right from Kanya Kumari to Kashmir and Gujarat to Assam and up to Arunachal Pradesh. However, I love to visit Haridwar often because the place is one of the most peaceful cities in the world despite being so crowded almost all the time. This city has so much to offer to people who come here from allover the world.


I last visited Haridwar along with my wife who is always with me while traveling for pleasure trips. Haridwar is almost 140km away from my present residence, which takes not more than two and half hours if the traffic conditions are not as bad as shown here. There are a few weeks every year when the road to Haridwar is closed for any kind of vehicles during Kanwar Yatra, an annual function when millions of people go to Haridwar on foot to bring holy water during Shivaratri. – The rush on the roads makes driving tough.

 the way1

Pawandham is one of the best temples in Haridwar
I wish I could describe the beauty of the city in words but that is not possible because that is some thing to be seen and appreciated only. I shall take you to one temple at a time. This is time for us to visit Pawandham temple with many scriptures made of glass and stones. I have tried to capture them with the help of my camera, which the temple management allows with special request

We almost always reach Haridwar in the evening to take the advantage of appearing in the world famous Aarti function that takes place at Hari Ki Pouri at about 7PM. A glorious function where thousands of people participate and worship mother Ganges with offerings of flowers and earthen lamps. Have a look of the occasion-

 har ki_PPPaarti hd2

We go to Vaishon Devi temple at Haridwar (A replica of original temple situated in Jammu Kashmir) next morning. Pawandham, which is our next stoppage situated nearby in main town of Haridwar on the road going  to Rishikesh with many famous temples.

Ram sita  kevatThis temple is full of beautiful glass and stone made statues of different Gods and famous characters showing our culture and life styles in the glorious past. The glorious moments when Kevat washed feet of Ram and mother Sita before taking them across the river display some of the touchy moments. Have a look of Ram and Sita – Krishna

 Krishnaaaaram sita_in_jungle

Lord Shiva from whose hair Ganges came into existence is one of the most worshiped Gods here and this city is full of his statues allover the places. This temple is also having many artistic statues of Shiva made of different materials from snow crystal Sphatik stone to glass in various colors and designs. Have a look of some of them-

 barfani bababhole baba

Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh all are here with all their grace and mighty powers. They are the creators of this universe and this temple displays them in their true colors. There are many statues of these three in so many artistically designed statues that one does not want to leave the place without having a few more glances at them, the glass work makes these statues more graceful. Have a look and see for yourself-


Goddess Durga is here in her different avatars, she is Kali, she is Maan-Mardini, she is Chandika, she is Chandee, She is Vaishno Ma, and she is here in all possible avatars in this temple with all her glory and grace. In fact, I am not that knowledgeable to describe all her names and their meaning so I would not try at that. I shall only describe her with all my heart-felt blessings she has poured upon me. Have a look at few of her avatars-

 Kali awatar  durga ma

There are hundreds of statues from our glorious past in this temple which would take a whole book to describe them but the one I am presenting here is one of the greatest moment of human life where a king who elected to become a low worker because he had given his words. He is asking his wife for tax to cremate his own son and his wife in turn gives her own sari to let his husband do his duty. Have a look at this sad view Or Krishna showing his innocence -

maiyya Harish duty


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