Generally a student has to confine himself to his studies. But it is good to remember that he has an obligation to his motherland. In times of need he should be ready to serve her. One such need arises in the field of defence. It is the duty of every citizen to protect the sovereignty and integrity of the nation. In doing so students should be ready to stand by the army if the need arises. So after independence it was felt that some kind of military training should be given to students. With this aim in view the N.C.C was started. N.C.C means National Cadet Corps.

Normally the army can look after the defence needs of the nation. But in a crisis students who undergo N.C.C. can help it. A large number of students are now being given N.C.C. training. There are not fullfledged soldiers. But they can help soldiers in a number of ways. They have their uses in times of peace also. N.C.C. wings function in schools and colleges. For sometime N.C.C. was made compulsory in colleges. But now it is made voluntary.

N.C.C. Cadets receive training in firing, trekking, rock climbing etc. They are taught rescue operations. Cadets with outstanding merit have career. Those who pass tests in N.C.C are awarded merit certificates. Some seats are reserved for N.C.C cadets in higher studies and professional courses. This attracts students into N.C.C. they can also join the army and pursue a bright career.Girls wings are also set up in N.C.C. A sense of patriotism is inculcated in the cadets they are prepared to serve the nation at any time.

N.C.C. cadets can serve the society in a number of ways. During naturals calamities their services are indispensable. In more than one way, they can maintain law order. N.C.C cadets can perform social service. The training fills them with physical and moral courage. N.C.C. cadets grow up as responsible citizens. Thus they are an asset to the nation.

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