Family members

Father is family bus driver

You have a good mummy

You have brother and sisters

And you have aunts and uncles

All Family members are passengers

They belong to you

You belong to them


Happy in the family

In a happy family,

We help each other

We love each other

We pray together

We are considerate towards each other


Do not quarrel with your cousin

Do not disobey your parents

Make your family Happy

And your family will be proud of you


Your teacher

Who taught you to read? - Teacher

Who taught you write? – Teacher

What taught you all to pray together? – Teacher

Teacher tells you all about the world

Teacher tells you that good


Any body who teaches you something is your teacher

He may or may not be a teacher in your school

In India, the teacher is called Guru

Your mummy is your first Guru


Some old Gurus

Sant Kabir was a poet and saint

He did not go to school,

But he wrote poems

We call him Guru because we learn so much from his poems

All great persons had Gurus

Shivaji Guru was Ramdas

Swami Dayanand’s Guru was swami Virajanand

Swami Vievekanad’s Guru was Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

All of them loved and respected their Gurus

You must also love and respect your Guru

Respect for elders

You must respect your elders

If you respect others,

They will respect you


You can saw respect in many ways

Stand up,

When an elderly person enters the room

If that person does not have a chair to sit on,

Offer him your seat


When you talk them

Make it a habit to wish whomsoever you meet


They Equal to God



And Teacher are like God

You cannot see god

But you see them

Sometimes you do not like what mummy tells you to do

You not like what the teacher tells you to do

You get angry

You argue

You shout

But they only tell you what is

Good for you

If you obey them, you will happy

God will help you


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