Facebook is, known as a chitchat kind of site but this site has its own plus points as well. Facebook proves its worth by giving poor people their firs library. The donor and the one who requested to set it are as praiseworthy.
Social networking sites are proving their role in the lives of ordinary people successfully now and this is happening repeatedly.

This is in contrary to general belief that social networking sites especially Facebook is playing a major role in making people addictive to chatting and activities those are not so good for them and making them irresponsible.
There was an incident in a backward area of India where a man donated three hundred books to a village to open a library. In fact, Suraj Prakash a resident of Mumbai who works for Reserve bank of India had written on his wall that he wanted to donate his four thousand books to needy people who so ever want to read them.

A man, Pathak from Bakswaha village of Chatarpur district in Madhya Pradesh, reading this, requested Suraj to give some of the books to his village so that poor people of his village could also take advantage of quality literature. Suraj did provide them several hundreds of his books and helped them open a library in that small village.

Another villager of that locality Rajesh Khare was so happy to know about this library when he said ‘We never thought that there could be some one in this world who will ever be so kindly to provide us a library’ he was all praise for Facebook and Suraj for his noble deed. Therefore, we should be thankful to Facebook for this library, as this particular media provided the basic information and the needful way for communication.DSC01456

People are apt to express who they really are. Helpful people are usually helpful wherever they are. Most people need some relaxation and simple friendly interaction, too, which social sites provide, too. Maybe both uses are positive and each of them may even be productive in its own way and purposes served for people that are a wonderfully commendable use and result of a social network. Just goes to prove that good people want to help and generosity can be, found anywhere.

The social network simply multiplies the effects because so many more people are made aware quickly and simultaneously of such a project. That should be a good deal. It is nice that because of communication via Facebook many people benefited because of this one man's generosity in donating his books so that others could read

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