Greed is defined by Wikipedia as the inordinate desire to possess wealth,goods or objects of abstract value with the intention to keep it for one's self, far beyond the dictates of basic survival and comfort. It is applied to a markedly high desire for and pursuit of wealth, status and power.

Human beings are inherently both selfish and greedy. However with imparting of good moral values by the family and school teachers the individual is able to emerge from the cocoon of greed and lead a tempered life. His/her outlook broadens and the individual becomes strong enough to lead a satisfactory life in whatever earnings he/she is able to honestly generate. The moral courage of such individuals is of a very high order. Fortunately vast majority of humans belong to this group and thus there is order in society.

Greed is not restricted to only desire for more money only. It can manifest itself into many forms. Someone may covet a superior position held by a colleague. Someone may be greedy for more power. Yet someone may be greedy for an object he fancies to possess. Non fulfillment of greed leads to jealousy in most cases. It can lead to persons committing even loot and murder in extreme cases.

 The  USA is a fine example of greed based marketing. Greed is encouraged so that people buy and consume or hoard more. This generates huge revenues and profits for producers and marketing organizations. The high purchasing power of the US citizens is directed towards high consumptions based on their greed to eat more, buy more and enjoy more. In many financial and marketing organizations high targets are set and high fiscal and other rewards are declared for those who achieve it. Thus the greed to win these rewards is used as a motivating force. In fact the sub prime crisis in 2008 in USA was a result of corporate greed where top managers of the President levels also liberally gave loans to all and sundry without guarantees so that targets could be surpassed and they could earn hefty bonuses. USA is still struggling to come out of the resultant economic crisis. Greed is great in USA.

Greed is a universal phenomenon and is present in all cultures. Religious texts of all religions teach their followers to overcome it to lead a good and peaceful life. Yet people are ready to cheat, kill and do anything to satisfy their greed. A time comes in the life of a greedy person when he has to somehow fulfil his greed otherwse the greed will consume him.

In the Roman empire greed was associated with frog and its colour was yellow. 

Greed leads to conflicts, debates, fights, war, dacoities, thefts, commitment of sins as per religious views, immoral acts, adoption of unethical means,carrying out illegal activities and so on. Greedy executives and business persons do not have time for their families. Rich persons are all the time busy acquiring land, gold and silver, materials etc that they are creators of social conflicts. For only by denying dues to someone can a greedy person acquire more than his wants.The stock market is a perfect example of greed in action. Greed makes one buy and fear of loss makes one sell. Only when someone loses can someone gain.

Nations are also known to be greedy. Pakistan is greedy for Kashmir. It has allowed a whole terror apparatus to grow to fulfil its desire to acquire Kashmir by any means. China is greedy to possess as many energy sources worldwide and is ready to use any means to acquire them. USA is greedy to retain its number one position in the world and resorts to any means to maintain it. India is not greedy but certain class of Indians are mighty greedy like politicians, industrialists, sports persons, film stars etc. Mercifully not all of them are greedy. 

Mahatma Gandhi said many decades ago that the earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed. A very apt statement of a universal truth but flouted in the real world with impunity.The Bhagvad Geeta says hell has three gates: lust, anger and greed. Another equally effective quote is to greed, all nature is insufficient. Warren Buffet has said that we simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful. C. Forbes has said it beautifully that the man who has won millions at the cost of his conscience is a failure. Seneca says it is not the man who has little,  but he who desires more, that is poor. 

In the light of the above is it any wonder that after earning anywhere up to Rs 5-6 crores every year from IPL, BCCI and endorsements, Sreesanth could not overcome the greed to earn another Rs 40 lakhs by bowling fixed six balls. Greed makes the mighty fall in their own eyes and in many cases in the eyes of all. So one should keep away from greed as much as possible to lead a peaceful life.







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